Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Night shift


Three posted for the evening Punisher. We gathered, as usual, in the front parking lot under a sunny sky. Posted separately prior to the usual Punisher was a backblast from a visit during the early morning by some F3 brothers from the far Southside. Included in this backblast was a reference to the scary house at the rear of the property. There have been some questions about this during our evening tours of the AO. Will endeavor to share a little history on the school site courtesy of a couple of sources (City, RPS, and Historic Richmond Foundation).

Linwood Holton Elementary School was constructed in 1999 meaning the school is now 20 years old. The School was constructed on the site of the former Thirteen Acres School. According to the City, the overall site is actually 13 acres. The house currently fenced off behind the school building was utilized as Thirteen Acres School, offering a small academic program for children with special needs. The Thirteen Acres building was originally constructed in 1885 as a farmhouse with later ownership by the Virginia United Methodist Church prior to a sale to the City of Richmond in the late 1960s. While underutilized for years, the area surrounding the house had been maintained by the City’s crew. In recent years, the building has been surrounded in a construction fence in response to concerns about lead paint. While the old house is one of the earliest dwellings constructed in Northside, there are no known plans for its rehabilitation.

Our evening crew did mosey from the front lot and into the grass for our warmup including 25 x SSHs, 15 x Hillbillies, 15 x Cherry Pickers, 15 x Helicopters, 15 x Russian Soldiers, 15 x Suzanne Somers (each side), and 10 x Arm Circles (big only, forward then reverse).

Short jog to the shady side of the school gym for five rounds of 5 x Burpeees, 10 x Donkey Kicks, and 50 x LBCs. Stroll around the landscaping and storage shed to the bus loop for Run DMCs with short jog about halfway down the bus loop and back with a chaser of 20 x Diamond Merkins, 20 x Merkins, and 20 x Carolina Dry Docks. Repeat once.

Head around to the playground where one of us complete 10 x Jerkins, another completed 15 x Box Cutters, and the third completed 15 x Flutter Kicks (two count). Complete three rounds. Move 20 yards off the playground to a spot under the trees for Jack Webb variant starting with 1 Slow Squat and 4 Curtsy Lunges (single count). Add reps each round at 1:4 ratio until 10 / 40 completed. Broke up action with 30 Arm Raises following 5 / 20 through 10 / 40.

Slide to a playground bench for Russian Dips – in cadence, complete one dip with one leg off of the ground then switch legs and complete another dip. Finished two rounds of 20.

Mosey back around the school to another shady spot for a couple of minutes of stretching. Finished on the west side of the property in our COT with namerama and numberama and YHC took us out.

Glad to have some company. Nice work. Convergence on Thursday, 7/4 – see f3rva.org for additional details.


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  1. Wasn’t Phonics born in the creepy house? Summer Tour or not, it would be great to be with the New Market crew out to Punisher sometime.