Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

8 V. 8 on the best fields in RVA


8 versus 8 for Southside Ultimate this morning, along with 1 FNG! Play was hard and fast, with the dark shirts really hustling to pull out the win. Ollie felt the need to do some merkins and burpees while we were setting up the field, so we gifted him with 10 merkins IC to finish it up back at the flag. There was some great defense played today, and lots of good hustle. I won’t try to break it down any further than that. Ultimate is such a great game, how can you not have fun?

Big welcome to FNG “Sonic” to the pax. He got a little deer in the headlights in the circle, being an unusual first workout nobody had talked to him up to that point to tell him what to expect. Wilson almost got his way with the name “Hooker”, but the Q saved him from what seemed like a mortal wound to his heart. Talking to him a bit after, he’s X-Navy, so you know he is awesome! Glad to have another sailor around.

Apology of the week was going to go out to the New Market gang for busting balls on their epic screw up yesterday. But since they were given such a gift by Chumbucket as being able to count that debacle as part of the Tour, you will get nothing and like it!

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Thanks for bringing Ultimate to NoToll, LabRat! To be fair, I invited Sonic (Aaron), and I did try to prepare him, but when deer in the headlight/mind-blank happens, there’s not much you can do about it. Maybe we should have called him “Headlights”! Surprised he didn’t bring up the Ex Navy thing in the COT (I didn’t actually know that about him!). We go to church together but don’t know each other that well, yet. Since he just got a job at Capital One and starts on Monday, we’re hoping to catch up more often at work, too, and hopefully in the gloom!

  2. Thanks LabRat! Always a great workout and tons of fun. I’ll be driving by all the running AOs tonight to check the box if anyone else wants to join. Welcome Sonic. Way to work boys, have a great day!

  3. Labrat – Your ultimate frisbee gmes are always a solid workout AND a fun time. Some real competition going on! It is your Q so I will concede and not argue the name, but when Mouse Trap said he found him on the corner………….Hooker was just seemed perfect. At any rate, welcome Sonic – with that name we fullexpect great things at the Basketball Q in March! Look forward to seeing more PAX on Summer Tour. Day or Night!

  4. Wilson – Sonic actually lives so close to the AO, he walked there this morning, which is why I joked about finding him on the street! (I actually drove past him on my way into the parking lot)