Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Great morning for a run or a walk as the sunrise was on point this AM.

4 runners got 6.4 miles
1 runner got 5.5 miles
3 walkers got 3.5 miles on the hills

Always good time and good company for coffee after. Call out for Offshore crushing the summer tour and completing the whole tour in 1 month!! Good to see you post even though you had OTB completed. Strong work!


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  1. Good numbers this morning. I will join you later in the summer. Daville decided to take over Sunday Funday this morning.

    I believe Offshore posted everyday in June. 30 straight days of posting is pretty awesome and likely the F3RVA record. Congratulations!

  2. I took June 1st off. Let’s call it the “Saab in Reverse” – I think Saab posted every day of a January except the last. I think Saab would agree with me that posting 30 days in a row is pretty dumb!

    Summer tourists know, like F3, that it is not checking boxes or the fitness that keeps you going, but the connection with the brotherhood across F3RVA. It was great to be with the SOJ guys for a run this morning.