Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Time is Winding Down at The Church for The Creek


Warm Up – Side Straddle Hops, Hand Release Merkins, LBC’s, Don Quixote’s

Mosey to the Field For a Wilt – Two times around the field doing 50 of each of the corners (total 100 each exercise) – LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, SSH’s and Skull Crushers.

Mosey to the parking lot.  4 Corners of The Church – 10 Bobby Hurley’s, 10 Merkins, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 WWII Situps.  Plank and wait for the six.  When running between the corners, always face the west woods.  Go around again doing 20 of each.  Plank up and wait for the six. 

Indian Run until we got back near the cell tower/bell tower.

Tunnel of Love from bell tower back to the flag.  We had 1 minute left so we did a few boat/canoe’s until 6:15. 

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements – group going to Dog Pile tomorrow. A lot of guys are traveling to all of the sites this summer – it’s not to late to start.  (There were probably others but I don’t remember).

 Yard Sale took us out with a quick prayer.    As always – it was my pleasure and absolutely the best way to start a day.


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