Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

RAAM – option rich today


Here were the options for the 35 studs that came out for Fudd’s last Q before he heads to big sky country on Sunday:

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Run the Carillon route
  • Run your own route
  • RAAM gears

Meet back at the VSF at 6:15 for Numberama, Namerama, and COT with a touching and much appreciated prayer from Bodos to take us out.


YHC decided yesterday that he wanted to have fun at his last Q, and there aren’t many workouts that are more fun than Ultimate Frisbee. Today’s game did not disappoint, despite the fact that Lab Rat showed up with his team already picked and all wearing white shirts…..was it a coincidence that all of his teammates were tall, skinny, and fast as greased lightning??! So it was the white shirts vs. the colored shirts and the final score was 12-7. HOWEVER, the colored shirts did win the only time period that really counted (per the Q), the 3rd period, by a score of 2-0.

Not sure of all of the running routes today but Vinny and some of the other early risers did 7.5 miles. Well done fellas! YHC would have considered biking today but my road bike is already in CO. For those of you willing to travel to Denver (direct roundtrip flights are about $450 on United from RIC or like $100 round trip from DCA), YHC has a sweet guest suite that you are welcome to stay in with killer mtb trails right outside my front door and the front range about a 20 min. drive away.

Thanks for posting to my final workout today fellas, and for all the memories over the last 5 years. It’s been one hell of a ride. If you start tearing up thinking of RVA with no more Fudd, console yourself with the knowledge that I will be back…….

See you in the gloom.


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  1. Great call….I always wear white because only those that pay attention to directions also bring a white shirt====> tend to be more prepared. It’s called Economics, read a book.

    Great fun! The only point that counts is the last! My LAST ultimate Q of the 2019 season is No Toll this Tuesday, so come on out.

    Checking flights now…

  2. Fudd, good call on Ultimate!! Nice way to say see ya later. Be safe in your travels and I know having your family back together means the world is right again!
    I will see you again soon…..
    Rah Virginia Mil…..Loud and Proud.

  3. Fun times this morning. Safe travels, Fudd! Is Circle K still in the parking lot with Shakedown’s dog? ? ?

  4. Such a great morning guys, even if the dark shirt team did get pummeled. We’ll miss you Fudd, come back often!

  5. Thanks Fudd and best wishes for the next chapter.

    It was great running the Carillon route with Doozy — good luck with the Tri

  6. Thanks Fudd! We will miss you and I look forward to staying in touch and seeing you on trips back to RVA.

    Lots of fun this am as always! Great job guys!

    Til Next time!


  7. Fudd – It was nice to finally meet you and sad to say goodbye at the same time. Thanks for leading these last few times, we have friends and family in the Denver area so I will look for the F3 Bat signal if we make it out that way.

  8. According to Swirly we did 8 miles… Fudd are you calling Swirly a liar…. yes I would also move to Denver after calling Swirly a liar…You will be missed

  9. Great time today. Five members of the white shirt team were from Mechanicsville. Vinny, can you add ultimate to field day? Of course we will make Loose Goose an honorary Daville resident.

    Going to miss you Fudd. Good luck to you and your family in Colorado. Your place sounds awesome. See you when you visit.