Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fudd’s Swan Song


21 of Richmond’s finest posted in the hot and sticky gloom to what will be YHC’s last 45MOM Q for quite a while. For those of you that didn’t know, YHC is moving to Colorado this weekend for good. Dubbed by TYA as “the longest goodbye in the history of mankind”, YHC wanted to end things where he started……at 45MOM. YHC’s first every F3 workout was at 45 MOM on a Thursdy in October 2014. The exact date escapes me……do Big Data’s records go back that long? Orville was the Q that day and it was quite a beat down. YHC’s goal was to duplicate that workout to the best of his memory (with some slight modifications), and here’s how it went down:

Start of the Merkin timer: Slurpee set his watch on timer mode to go off every 5 minutes. Throughout the workout, the PAX stopped whatever they were doing every 5 minutes to do merkins in cadence, the number of which would depend on the Q. We did 15 reps the first three sets, which really equals 30 merkins if they were OYO, and then 10 reps the rest of the sets until the last one, during which we did 15. Total count for the workout was 120 (240 if they were OYO).

Indigenous people’s run south to Cary St., turning right and then right again to go around the field, then circle up in the grass for COP. Everything was in cadence:

  • Tron Squats x 15
  • SSH x 30
  • Merkins x 15 (2nd set of timer)
  • Circle Planks x 15
  • Scissor/Flutter kicks x 15
  • Don Quixote x 10

Line up along the baseline on the west side of the field for Leapfrog: partner up with someone of similar size. The first man gets down on the ground in a ball on his knees and the 2nd man leapfrog’s over his back. Do this across the field to the East side.

Tunnel of Love back across the field to the West side.

11’s across the field from West to East and back. Exercises were Burpees and Tron Squats. Shortened the width of the field to halfway around 6:08 and called an audible when the clock got to 6:13 to mosey back to the flag. One final set of merkins at 6:15 and then numberama, namerama, and YHC took us out.


YHC had more planned for today’s beatdown but was not able to accomplish it all. Everything seemed to take longer today than YHC anticipated and I’m not sure why? The field seemed wider than I remembered, and that allowed the PAX to get in an extra long portion of the the Tunnel of Love. Perhaps the merkin timer was to blame? Regardless of the reason, the PAX gave it all they had out there, and YHC was proud to lead this fine group of men one last time. When the Tunnel of Love was announced, YHC reminded the PAX that he was the first to bring that exercise to RVA, and Rosie mentioned how much he enjoyed it and how he hoped YHC would be taking that to Colorado with me to share with the PAX in Denver. Don’t worry Rosie……the PAX of F3Denver will be enjoying the Tunnel of Love very soon. 😉

Kudos and TCLAPS to the entire PAX for leaving it all on the field today. The merkin timer was a smoker, especially when it went off while doing burpees during 11’s. Big thanks to Slurpee for serving as official timer.

The PAX of F3RVA has meant more to YHC than I can express, either in the spoken or written word. I will certainly miss you guys, but hopefully you’ll see me again as we still have family in town and will be visiting periodically. Until then, Fudd bids you all Vaya con Dios.


  • HDHH at Independence Golf Course tonight for drinks, food and a band. See Gumbo’s recent backblasts for details.
  • YHC will be Q again tomorrow for RAMM and we will be playing Ultimate Frisbee. There will be running routes for those that would rather run on the roads.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    We love you Fudd – you will always be a part of F3RVA brother !
    I know you will represent us well out there in CO. Showem how it’s done dude….
    Solid beatdown – loved the merkins every 5 min….
    Way to work guys ! Great to see Aisle 5 and Slurpee back out there ..
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Well done, Fudd! Gonna miss you, but I know you will be back. Take care out in CO and I hope everything goes well for you and family. Great work this morning fellas! Have a great day all!

  3. You will be missed Fudd. Good luck with the move and hope you adapt to the elevation in Denver soon.
    I’ll take that version of Tunnel of Love over the plank/army crawl anytime.

  4. Nice walk off Q Fudd. I was waiting for the infamous Bridge of Hate but glad we called the 11s short. Safe travels to all your family this next week.

  5. You da man Fudd. You EH’d many of us regulars, myself included. I thank god regularly that I succumbed to your pressure. First Toga, now Fudd. We need to find some more singers.

    Sorry I missed your final Q and I’ll be downrange tomorrow so will miss that as well.

    ¡Viva Iggy Azalea!

  6. Sincere expression of thanks when you ceded your spot on the BRR team to me…If it were not for that experience I would otherwise still just be attending running AOs

    Much like the Stones and The Who, I’ll look forward to your next “farewell tour”.

  7. Always enjoyed some Fudd, “Hey Roger!” Appreciate you chopping wood F3 style in the early days to make F3 what it is today. Best of luck in Colorado. See you next Thursday at Mary…

  8. Slept through my alarm this morning – so bummed to miss your last 45MOM Q Fudd! Well done- see you tomorrow at RAMM.

  9. Fudd you will be missed brother! I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with you over F3 and will miss seeing you in the gloom.

    Best of luck in Colorado and keep in touch!

    PS…I echo HDs sentiment on the bridge of hate. I’ll never forget that one and may have to bring it back as a Fudd reminder to the RVA pax.


  10. Fudd! You will be missed brotha! Great Q. I will forever call a Leap Frog in your honor when Saab and Aisle 5 both post at the same AO, that may be one of the funniest things i’ve heard during a workout. Good luck to you and the family in Colorado!

  11. Great Q Fudd! You will be sorely missed along with your family! Stay in touch brother and safe travels!

  12. Fudd…………or “Hey Roger”. Wilson’s Wife canot be properly performed without Fudd’s Wife. Love you man. I hope you will pop back into RVA at some point!

  13. The Lengend of Fudd will remain strong in RVA for sure. We will miss you brother but we know we will see you soon. Be well!