Wednesday, December 1
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dora Up that Kettlebell


A lucky 7 arrived at Washington-Henry to enjoy a Dora of a day.

This is how it went down

Mosey over to the bus loop

COP (ALL IC) – Burpee OYO, SSH, DQ, Tempo LBC’s, Heels to Heaven, HRM, Arm Circles

Dora 1-2-3 – Partner Up (change partners each set), first partner runs a lap around the bus loop, second partner does exercises, switch, rinse, and repeat.

Set #1 – 50 Snatches, 75 Renedage Rows, 100 Goblet Squats

Set #2 – 25 KB Burpees, 50 Demon crushers, 75 Situp + Press

Set #3 – 25 Pistol Squats, 50 High Pulls, 75 Front Squats

Set #4 – 25 KB Swings, 50 Clean + Press, 75 Thrusters

Mosey back to the SF for Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and Emoji took us out.


Small crowd but fun morning. Doozy was the first to arrived but parked in the wrong parking lot. Speaking with him afterwards, it seems the app is due for a little updating. YHC will need to put in a good word with Wilson.

It was good to have Doozy joins us for is first ever KB workout. 2 down and 3 to go for his summer tour part in DaVille

Glide moved up in weight but we ran out time before we could host a graduation ceremony. Something for the Q in weeks to come to keep in mind

YHC tried to give some “encouragement” to Mudface and No Idea in regards to the running part. The “encouragement” was countered with major resistance mainly from Mudface. YHC will keep this in mind for Mudface’s Q tomorrow.

Emoji showed off some skills during the Demon crushers using YHC’s 35lb KB. This guy normally only uses 20 lbs. Maybe its time to increase that weight!


  • Anvil tomorrow – Per Mudface if we get at least 10 out we do something “fun”. If not we will be doing The Murph. Summer tourists, be sure to make the trip!
  • Puppy Pile this Saturday – Starts at 7:05




  1. Great workout Spit! Good to see Doozy way up here on his summer quest! Hey, a man my age should be using a pillow, not a kettle bell! I impressed myself.

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