Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Foiled by the Janitor


7 regulars and 1 FNG (welcome Pipeline!) posted this morning in the glorious June dawn.

Mosey to the faculty lot, COP: 25 SSH, arm circles, 10 Helicopters, 10 DQs, 15 merkins, 15 LBCs, 15 Crabcakes.

Mosey to back parking lot of Third Church.

OLD 100

  • 100 Squats. Run a lap around the church.
  • 90 2x Flutter Kick. Run a lap
  • 80 2x Mountain Climbers. Run a lap
  • 70 WW2s. Run a lap
  • 60 Dips. Run a lap
  • 50 Lt. Dans. Run a lap
  • 40 LBCs. Run a lap
  • 30 Merkins. Run a lap
  • 20 Donkey Kicks. Run a lap
  • 10 Burpees.

Wait for the Pax. Work back through the exercises from Burpees to Squats, without the runs, half the number.

Back for the COT. Numberama, Namearama (FNG Pipeline), Announcements. YHC prayed us out.


My buddy Agony in Charlotte told me about the Old 100, but I’ve not been sure how to help the PAX remember the whole ladder of exercises. So I took the liberty of writing down a weinke with chalk on the parking lot asphalt. My plan after the Old 100 was to play an elaborate game that I set up at 5am with supplies from the church basement. But alas, during the COP the church janitor cleaned the whole thing up. No matter, we wouldn’t have had time for it anyway given how long the Old 100 took. Next time!

Have a great day gents. Live to serve.


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  1. Great job leading today Bodos!

    I’m glad our F3 paths finally crossed and it’s good to see you as part of the Richmond Pax.

    I’m glad the weinke reminded us to have fun during the old 100s. I needed that reminder as it was a punishing series of exercises.

    I’m glad I also got to be with Fudd this am before he treks across the country to live in Colorado.

    Thanks for leading today Bodos! Great job to all.

    Til next time.


  2. Tough one this morning, Bodo’s! Great Q! Enjoyed chatting with McRib and Loose Goose. Welcome to Pipeline! Bodo’s, I’m curious to see what game you had in store for us that got cleaned up. You’ll have to bring it out for your next Hoedown Q. Enjoyed it and have a great day all!

  3. Garbage Plate on

    Great Q Bodos. Reverso up the Ole Hundred finished us off! Look forward to an elaborate

  4. Glad I got to experience a Bodos Q before I trek west for good. That was no joke brother….well done! It was great seeing McRib out in the gloom again. Welcome Pipeline and way to crush it out there brother! That was an impressive first showing!

  5. The Old 100 was great. Simple, and elegantly affective.

    How many more Fudd sightings will we see because the officially departure?

    Glad to see McRib at Hoedown.

    Welcome Pipeline!