Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday and 70


On a perfect morning, ten strong broke loose from the fart sack and made it to the trails.

Northbank to buttermilk and back for most. Lab Rat and BT had an early departure time so did the northbank and back. Lug got lost (not sure how) and hit a little bit of the forest hill loop.


Flipper is on a roll. I didn’t witness this myself, but Flipper claims he was leading the group through the run this morning. I honestly wouldn’t doubt it, he, Lug, and Vinny have been putting the work in lately and crushing some miles.

Good time at ET’s afterwards.


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  1. If you count scaling a fence at an elementary school and using google maps to find a 2.5 mile route back to Pump House Road lost. Then yes, I was VERY lost. Good times though! New record for miles also!

  2. I hope Lug found a way around the bells of the amateur bikers. If so, then it was totally worth getting lost.

    Enjoyed running with Vinny this morning and talking baseball. Go Braves!

  3. Getting lost on a run. Unheard of in F3. Well, there was this one time at River Run.

    Great run today. I didn’t fall which is always a good thing. Flipper is accurate that he lead the entire time with Marco Polo once Lab Rat turned back. Enjoyed running with Double Mint. Great job to Double Mint, Vinny, and Offshore for posting to Early Risers and then posting for Sunday Funday.

  4. I’m on a mini-summer tour of the Northbank/Buttermilk port-a-johns, it seems. Where do I sign up for the patch?

  5. Thanks to Lab Rat and BT for setting a Pace this morning that I don’t ever run at, but for some reason, when the feet and ankles feel good … you gotta make hay while the sun is shining… Thanks to Marco Polo for pushing me… and to Phonics for third party verification of this Historic Event… Running is Stupid

  6. Awesome to be back on the trails! TYA, make sure that Mrs. Kay knows I ran 4.5 miles this morning, followed by two 2.5 mile walks with frisbees. I know she is keeping track. Her F3 name should be “Little Data”!