Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpees give me bad heartburn…


Ten redwoods fought the fartsack to witness ByProduct’s consecutive Q, while many of the Gridiron regulars were on sabbatical until next week.  


After the PAX made a perfect circle, YHC called an audible and we all moseyed to the lower football field were we were once again greeted by props.

Batting Practice:

In preparation for this week’s home run derby, we all took turns swinging the bat.  The leadoff batter hit one of the two balls as far as they could down the field.  The PAX ran in full sprint and a bandaid was ripped from the ball revealing the “The Next Exercise Is…”. I won’t say which of the PAX you don’t want early in your line up, but for POG “I have not picked up a bat in 10 years” won this HR derby! 

All exercises were OYO as they were revealed.

  • 25 – SSH
  • 10 –  Arm Circles – Large – Forward and Backwards
  • 15 – Flutter Kicks
  • 10 – Dry-docks
  • Bear Crawl – 25 paces
  • 20 – Invisible Jump Rope
  • 10 – Burpees
  • 10 – PLT’s
  • 20 – LBC’s
  • Crab Crawl – 25 paces
  • 10 – Diamond Merkins
  • 10 –  Arm Circles – Small – Forward and Backwards
  • 10 – Jump Squats
  • 25 – More SSH
  • 10 – DQ’s
  • 10 – More Burpees

Run the Bases: 

The PAX divided into 4 groups for some to cumulative 4 corner fun!

Round 1 – Run to each corner and complete 10 WWII’s, ending where you started. 

Round 2 – Run to each corner and complete 10 WWII’s, 10 Merkins, ending where you started. Not bad so far.

Round 3 – Run to each corner and complete 10 WWII’s, 10 Merkins, 10 Copperhead Squats, ending where you started. Mumble-chatter starting to slow down really quick. 

Round 4 – Run to each corner and complete 10 WWII’s, 10 Merkins, 10 Copperhead Squats, 10 Burpees, ending where you started.  Heartburn starting to suck big time.

Throwing and Fielding:

Everyone partnered up and selects a water balloon.  Started about 15 feet apart for the toss.  When your water breaks, team completes 5 reps of called exercise and repeats each time another team is eliminated.  

  • APDs (regular – Not Adderal Style)
  • Monkey Humpers
  • LBC’s (I think)

POG strategically selected the smallest balloon, which was was impenetrable until Marmaduke changed that.

Extra Innings:

We then moseyed to the playground, where the visitors were enamored by the hippo, the giraffe and the turtle.  After we were able to pull them away, we completed a jerkin ladder (declining from 7 to 1).  

YHC then had the PAX begin a curb crawl from the park to the invisible shovel flag.  It did not take long to realize that this may be a bad idea and admitted “I’m just trying to fill up the hour…”.  

Over to the bleachers for a quick Lindsey of Dips & Bleacher kicks.

Wilson could tell that I was considering more burpees to run out the clock and offered to lead 5 minutes of Mary.  I gladly took him up on it!



Cecil took us out and many continued to Einstein’s.

I had a blast leading this week and everyone got their monies worth!


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  1. Fun and exhausting Q ByProduct. Absolutely enjoyed Saturday. While it felt really weird missing breakfast club and dig pile, but ended up meeting some new PAX and welcomed Bluemoon. I would encourage the PAX at Gridiron to sometimes venture to Dog Pile!

  2. Scott Beaudin on

    Will do! Looking forward to visiting Dog Pile. Glad you guys from the South Side made the trip to Gridiron!