Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Humid Potato


5 super studs trekked to Timberwolf this morning without knowing who would be the QIC.  Shakedown quickly took charge and started off a hot potato. 

Shakedown led a mosey to the tennis courts for a warmup… SSHs, Helicopters, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, and maybe an ab exercise. 

Next, Shakedown took the PAX to a grassy hill (a first for YHC) behind the basketball court for 11s.  At the base of the hill, WWIIs.  Bear Crawl to the top for Squats.  Shakedown called an audible after round 1 – Jump Squats at the top instead. 

Shakedown passed the potato to YHC.  From the hill, we ran single file to the front of the school.  Six performs 3 Merkins and sprints to the front.  Repeat until we arrive at the entrance.

In front of the school we did one of YHC’s favorite.  Merkins of various style at the bottom of the hill.  Crawl Bear up the hill about 15 yards, then backward run to the top.  Perform a variety of leg exercises and run to the bottom.  4 rounds total and pass the potato to OC.

Orange Crush took us to the picnic tables in front of the school.  Partner up.  Partner 1 runs across the parking lot around the Group II barricades and back while partner 2 performed various exercises called out by OC.  Exercises included Derkins, Dips, and some ab stuff YHC doesn’t do.  Total 4 rounds.  OC then passed the potato to Tobit.

With approx. 5 mins to go, Tobit took us back to the flag.  Circle up for 4.5 minutes of abs.  Shakedown notified Tobit there were 27 seconds to go, so Tobit calls out 3 Burpees.

Numberama, Namerama


Amateur hour at RAMM Gears tomorrow – beach cruisers welcomed. 

No excuses workout Sat in DaVille at 7:30.

OC took us out.

Great push this morning fellas.  One of the best HPs I’ve attended.  Thanks to Shakedown for providing the VDOT label for the barricades.



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  1. Nice work this morning guys. Highlights were the alarm sounding as soon as Shakedown finished writing “F3” on the side of the school in chalk (it was tiny, seriously), and also where Shakedown requested clarification on which cones/barrels we were to run to. “Oh- the state statute section 590-c-1 part 5 sub type 2 cones?”

    I’ve had a hell of a time posting regularly lately, and am glad to be reminded of why we do it, by being out there with you all this morning.

    Grateful for the fellowship,

  2. Heckuva HP this morning…I was wiped. Great beatdown and even better fellowship.

    Thanks for writing up the BB Bullseye.

  3. Great point SS, forgot about Shakedown’s graffiti. Pretty sure we’ll see him on the news tonight.