Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Introducing: Pipe Loop 11s


Fourteen posted for a new – possible – summer staple of F3RVA. No one was injured during the filming. Here’s what was captured:

Mosey down to the Pipe Loop. Circle up. Helicopters x 10. Russian Soldiers x 10. SSHs x 20. Time to roll tape.

Pipe Loop 11s: Divide PAX into two groups to spread out. First group starts out on the run. Second group starts out with the 10 WWIIs at the trail spill-out, then crab walk to the head of the trail for 1 LBC. 10 loops on the trail in total. Enjoy. Plank-o-rama for the six.

NA Run: Up the hill towards the Carillon. Circle back to collect the six.

WWIIS: x 50 IC

Slow Mosey: Up to Putting Green West. 21 Burpees OYO


Announcements/Prayers: HDHH tonight at 6:00 at Palani Drive. 2nd F at 6:45. Early Risers this Saturday at 4:00 a.m. Meet at Dogpile parking lot. Puppy Pile the last Saturday in June – see Marv. Prayers for Slippin’ Jimmy’s uncle who is having brain surgery today in Boston.

Moleskin: During one of our winter jaunts on the Pipe Loop, YHC cooked up the idea of Pipe Loop 11s. Today was the day. Five minutes prior to launch, I handed out bottled water, which peaked intrigue. Various incorrect guesses as to what was coming ensued.

Not a lot of mumble chatter today, as time and proximity didn’t really allow. I’m sure Lab Rat had some things to say …

Great job today men. Thanks for the indulgence.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice addition to the pipe loop Vinny !
    Wow – humidity was high !
    Way to work guys !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. My first trip to Wdog, it’s a little more of a ride for me than SOT but worth the drive. I might have to start alternating my Wednesday workouts.

  3. Lab Rat is still speachless after seeing Shakedown turn in to a 70 year old man on Monday.

  4. Great Q Vinny! That was brutal in that humidity. However I was really excited about the water bottle bicep curls which never came. bummer

  5. Great idea Vinny. Sorry I wasn’t able to post and experience it first-hand. I can see this one coming back around again.

  6. Meant to add Gumbo’s Home Run Derby next Tuesday at Huguenot Little League, in place of No Toll. This is a must post, every year. #HitDingers