Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And so begins the last year of hate


A PAX of 11 posted at SOT to help YHC begin his final year of hate. Here’s what went down:

Very long mosey along the trails behind MMS to the loop around Loch Lothian (the pond/lake at Midlothian Mines Park).

Love (Half) Loop

Partner up. Partner 1 runs to amphitheater area (about 0.3 miles away) and back while partner 2 does forward crab walks, box jump burpees, and bear crawl. Keep alternating and repeating until the end is reached.

Run the rest of the loop and return to MMS. Plank-o-rama for the six.

11s – Merkins and WWIIs

A couple weeks ago, Bullseye made use of a really nice hill by the track. Can’t let something like that go to waste. …Perform 10 merkins at the bottom of the hill, run up the hill, 1 WWII situp, run back down the hill, and repeat with 9 merkins, 2 WWIIs….you guys know the drill.

Mosey back to the parking lot.

Numbers, names, announcements, and YHC took us out.


HDHH today – 6pm Palani Drive

Early risers on Saturday – 4am or something crazy like that

No excuses workout on Saturday – 7am at DaVille

Puppy Pile last Saturday in June


YHC is feeling blessed today. Although a bit muggy, it was a beautiful morning and a great way to begin YHCs 39th birthday.

Thanks gents for indulging me this morning. YHC thought it was time to take the PAX on a field trip via the trails behind MMS. The loop around the pond at Midlothian Mines park is about 0.58 miles and YHC had intended to do the “Love Loop” all the way around (with two different sets of 3 exercises). That was perhaps a bit ambitious and so an audible was called after the first round to the amphitheater/pump/pulley/whatever. Aside from the goose excrement, YHC thought it was a rather scenic morning.

Thanks again to Bullseye for introducing the PAX to that hill at the MMS track (can’t believe it hadn’t been used before). Phonics and Flange destroyed the 11s.

Great to have Phonics and Opus out this morning on the summer tour.

Also great to meet Hacksaw who posted today for his first bootcamp after posting on Sunday for Off the Books. Way to push today!

Thanks to Flange (also on the summer tour) for making his first trip to SOT for YHCs Q.

Well done fellas! As always, it was privilege to lead this morning.

Make today a good one…and as Tim McGraw says “always be humble and kind”.

Peace out!


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  1. Tobit –

    Happy Birthday, sorry I missed your Q this A.M., I had an FNG cancel on me last night so I posted at Wdog to keep working through my summer tour.

  2. Happy birthday Tobit! That beatdown was exactly what I was expecting. I had no idea that trail was back there. Gloves might have been a good idea. That hill was brutal. Thanks for the push Flange. Always enjoy the workouts whenever I travel SOJ. Thanks as well Opus for riding with me this morning.

  3. Happy Birthday Tobit!

    That was a grand excursion this AM. I had never explored the trails behind MMS and am glad you took us on tour to loch Lothian. The muggy weather added extra challenge to all of that running for me and it was good to be in the gloom with everyone this AM.

    Extra tclaps for all that traveled via summer tour to SOT.

    Thanks for leading Tobit and I hope you have a great birthday.

    Til next time


  4. No excuses workout is at 7:30 am on Saturday in Mechanicsville. See pre-blast.

    Amateur bike ride is Friday at RAMM Gears.

  5. Brother Tobit, that was a true smoker! Phonics set a scorching pace on the 11’s…hard to match that! Definitely been on a fluid replenishment program this morning.

    Good to see faces I either haven’t seen before or seen in a while. Great to partner up with 2Pop.

    Happy Birthday, my man! Have a great day, gents!

  6. Happy Birthday Tobit. Sorry to miss this, especially sad to miss the long-discussed field trip to the loop.

  7. Happy birthday Tobit! Hope it was relaxing! Gr3at workout this morning. I was pooped by the time we got to the 11s. Totally gassed. Good to meet some new f3 people and see some I hadn’t seen in a while. Great morning!