Wednesday, August 17
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swirly will lead you out of the Woods


19 runners posted to Spider Run, including many summer tourists. The clock struck 0530 and off we went with the New Market crew and others filing in the back door.

4-mile route was out Westhampton Way and UR Drive to River Road, across the shopping center parking lot and across the bridge. Turnaround at the end of the bridge (no ramps) and retrace your steps and finish with a lap around the lake.

5-milers – across the lake and down the trail to Campus Drive and across and up University. Left on Westham Pkwy and across River to Country Squire. Left on S. Ridge and follow along Westham Station to the bridge. Across the bridge and run the cloverleaf ramp and back to the flag via UR Drive and Westhampton Way.

6-milers start with a loop up Gateway Rd by the b-school and down Richmond Way and then follow the 5-mile route.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • HDHH tomorrow 6:00 p.m. run; 6:45 fellowship at Palani Drive
  • Puppy Pile 6/30
  • Amateur Hour at RAMM Gears this Friday
  • No Excuses Workout in DaVille this Saturday 0730 – see Spit, The Carpenter or Phonics for details
  • Shakedown is bald – well done sir and well done PAX for supporting a great cause.


New Market Crew (Honeymoon, Wilson, Marmaduke and Cerano), Doozy and Phonics all out on a summer tour. Honeymoon, sorry for leaving you behind at the start. Great crew this morning.

We finally made it out of the trail on a Gumbo-led Spider Run (thanks Swirly), so maybe I’ll come up with a different route for next time. But I do love running down by the river back off of S. Ridge and Westham Station.

A little chaos at the start but Saab and Doozy course-corrected and all was good. Great run fellas.

No More Gumbo For You…until The Forge!


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  1. Enjoyed it men. Great running with Swirly until he turned on the jets and with Shakedown, Bodos and EF Hutton.

    Have a great day men!

  2. Always fun to find a new run

    Note to self: Do not try to keep pace with Saab and Phonics

  3. Yep, beautiful morning for a run, except for the freakin heat! Nice running with and finally meeting Cerrano. You can be sure of one thing when you run across that bridge, there will always be a hubcap somewhere to kick out of the way. Thanks for the pre and post extra credit Saab. I’d hate to have to keep pace with you for more than one mile ?. Lookin good, Shakedown! Have a great day all!

  4. Good route today Gumbo. I had not run along most of the roads we were on today. Rosie told me you were picking a flat route today. From where Spider Run starts, that appears to be impossible. Thanks for guiding me today Saab. Enjoyed running with you and Doozy.

  5. Thought I was plenty hydrated but the heat bit me. Caught a wicked cramp, maybe it’s that time of the month.

  6. I was hoping for a river crossing today. Thanks for making it happen Gumbo. The C&B route is always welcome, as are SOJers.

  7. Good stuff Gumbo!! Enjoyed my first Spider Run as well as the conversations had!