Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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A PAX of six posted for the last spring Punisher faced a game time temperature of 91 degrees. YHC brought a Trader Joe’s bag with a couple of props with hopes of an even number of attendees. Offshore broke through the hedge row with a couple of minutes to spare giving us six.

At 6 PM sharp we moseyed to the shaded school yard and started with a running warm up across the front of the school gym including 2 x High Knees, 2 x Butt Kickers, 2 x Karaoke, a 66% run, and a 90% finisher. Move SSW into the schoolyard for startup circle that included 25 x SSHs, 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Hillbillies, 15 x Helicopters, 15 x Carolina Dry Docks, 15 x Flutter Kicks (two count), and an Arm Circle medley.

Brief jog to the edge of the school grounds for Jack Webb variation alternating WWIIs and Reverse Crunches. Started with one WWII and four Reverse Crunches. Added another WWII and four more Crunches for round two. Add the same ratio each round until 10/40 of each completed. Brief adjustment prior to round nine and ten by adding 15 x Alabama Prom Dates prior to the round start.

Hop up and head to the playground for Cindy involving an AMRAP with 5 x Pullups, 10 x Merkins, and 15 x Squats. Complete as many rounds as possible within about a 10 minute period.

Continue mosey around the school to the side of the kindergarten pen. Utilizing the contents of my Trader Joe’s bag, pulled out a soccer ball and some plastic cups for Crab vs. Bear soccer variation. Three on three action with two of each team in Crab Crawl position and one in Bear Crawl position. 25 x LBCs for out of bounds, but the kindergarten fence banking was fair play.

Drop in place for one round of Ring of Fire with 10 x Merkins per PAX member. Roll over for some brief stretching. Hop up and return to the parking lot for COT and YHC took us out.

Upcoming: 1) Hump Day Happy Hour (or more) – Roller Coaster at 6 PM departing from behind Palani Drive followed by fellowship at 6:45 PM – see PreBlast visible on F3RVA with Kubota taking the lead , 2) No Excuses Workout – Saturday at 7:30 AM – Milestone neighborhood in Mechanicsville – PreBlast posted in News section of F3RVA with The Carpenter taking the lead, and 3) Independence Day Convergence – details later. What else?

Thanks and nice work gents.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Feeling the Jack Webbs – great job guys !
    Solid Q Chum – thanks for leading !