Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Full boat at OTB


2 clown cars, a 4-legged friend and a couple lone SOjers made a total of 9 out for a few miles on Fathers Day Sunday. As the PAX gathered we discussed some routes and decided on the reverse Salisbury route with some alternatives to shorten the mileage. For those looking for the route, it went a little something like this. Right on Woolridge, right on Charter Colony, Left to Le Gordon and across Midlo Turnpike onto Winterfield. Right on Elmstead, all the way to the end for a right on Oakengate. 3rd right onto Castlebridge then a left on Salisbury Drive. Take the hidden passage onto the dirt road and up a surprisingly steep hill to a left onto Midlo Turnpike. Right on Woolridge and around the lake to hit that magic 6 mile distance. Ceranno and Recall did their own shortened version and the rest of the crew followed Wilson and Hermie through the neighborhoods.

Great time with all 9 at the coffeteria. COT was done with drinks in hand with the varying finish times of the PAX. This seemed like a much better way to do the naming of the FNG since we had much more time to think. Lots of choices but Hacksaw was the final unanimous decision. Welcome Hacksaw, hope to see you back again soon.

Apologies to Ceranno, apparently he looked up past OTB backblasts to find his own shortened route but YHC has not been posting details recently with the haiku and abbreviated backblasts.

Have a great Father’s Day, enjoy being a father, remember those who have passed and celebrate your own dads.


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  1. What a great way and group of guys to start Father’s Day with. Welcome Hacksaw-stick with it. The walking route will be the hardest thing you will experience with F3 (haha)! Have a great day fellas.

  2. All good Rosie! With a name like ‘Off The Books’ should have known better. Great start to the day!