Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We must use the scooters


9 men enjoyed a beautiful rainy Monday morning Hoedown extravaganza. Here’s how it went:

Mosey to front lot for a warmup: 20 x SSH, 10 x HC, 10 x Hillbillies, 10 x Merkins, 10 x Back extensions, 10 x LBC’s

Native American run to the “Tuckahoe Public Park”

Six playground stations: 90 seconds continuous clock at each station including – donkey boulder kicks, teeter totter WWII’s, bench jumps, picnic table dips, wall jumps and plank timber traverse.

Check Triple: including – crawl bear up the hill, Eeprub’s (reverse burpees), reverse WWII’s

Mosey back to Tuckahoe for 3 x 10 each jerkins on the walkway railings.

Field day audible called after a late realization that Tuckahoe field day must be upon us at the upper parking lot… all PAX must be pushed on a sit down scooter around a cone and back.

Back to the flag for numbers & names

– Tool time benefit sale 6/22 & service project opportunity: see Viral for details on both.
– Early risers optional 4a start on 6/22

YHC closed us out. Fun times this morning – thankful for the chance to lead and enjoy the summer rain outside with such a fine group! It was good to have Hot Yoga back out to Hoedown and pulling us along on the runs. BT was definitely the 2019 scooter MVP.



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  1. Nice, sorry to have missed “scooter pushing”…sounds right up my alley.

    You might want to add the pax list names to the back blast though. Some people keep track of that.

  2. Big Tennessee on

    MVP as in most likely to knock your teammate off his scooter. Love a good beatdown in the driving rain along with a Fudd sighting. Well done, GP!

  3. Keeping my feet off the ground on those tiny things was the hardest part of scootering (for me). 😀


    TOOL RUSH SALE 6/22!

    INVEST IN THE COMMUNITY TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITY (holler at me for Lugnut if you are interested)

    Fudd’s Last Night In Town (a song by Ben Fold’s Five)

  4. The missing names are: Fireman Ed, Bodos, Handshake, Fudd, Viral and Flipper. I remembered all of that from 7 1/2 hours ago. Maybe I am not that old:)

  5. Well played Garbage Plate! I didn’t know that park existed, let alone right there at the bottom of Lindsay hill!