Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It Flattens Out


Nine took advantage of a break in the weather to kick off today’s edition of River Run between rain showers. Conditions were 70 and sunny.


James River to the James River. Run the loop. Left on Riverton Ridge, left on Welby, right on Sherfield, left on Ashwell, left on Ashwell again, cross Robious, and right on Powderham to Twin Team down the hill to James River Road and BWES. 5.1 for those who didn’t loop around.

Lug Nut and Bleeder ran the 4 mile route.

NMS: Doozy shot out like a cannon today. Unfortunately, the concussion caused a massive rupture in the Giant Sky Balloon, so the rest of the run was in a downpour. At least it was a warm rain.

As Rosie described it, there was an F3 3rd F last night at the Avett Brothers Concert. Sounds like a good one.

Today’s route was designed to avoid running up Twin Team. Hah. Running through Tarrington BEFORE running down Twin Team is, shall we say, not flat. Rosie provided a tutorial centered on the equation y=mx+b, focused mostly on the definition of m (not the M you are thinking). Fascinating stuff if you are a solid runner, and good distraction from the actual slope on Ashwell.

This was followed by the Q giving an impromptu lecture on the National Flood Insurance Program entitled, “Why Paying for SEAL Team Might Be Worth It.”

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out with an analogy about using today’s downpour as motivation to cleanse ourselves and renew any broken relationships we might have.


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  1. Thanks for taking the Q this morning Upchuck. Sorry I skipped math class, old habits die hard; I could use a navigation class though. I kept thinking I was hearing footsteps beside me and was expecting to see Rosie fly passed at his usual 6 minute mile pace but I eventually figured out my shoes where so wet the squeezed.