Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tunnel of Love, Coupons, and Ciabattas all for one Low Low Price of Free


It was 70 and wet wet wet at GridIron. Eight redwoods posted for one-hour of hard work. YHC (Johnsonville) took the Q, starting with COP warmups in the northeast corner of the parking lot. 30x ssh, 25x imperial walkers, 25x cherry pickers.

Mosey to opposite corner. Arm sequence cycle without rest. 10x merkins, 30x LBCs, 15x scorpion kicks.

Pair up and grab 1 coupon per pair.

Ciabattas near restroom building, alternating between standing mountain climbers, and weighted standing mountain climbers (coupon overhead). Flip flop among pairs for standard 8 rounds.

Take a few steps onto sidewalk by restroom building. Ciabattas, alternating between wall planks (rotating) and diamond merkins on coupons. Flip flop among pairs for standard 8 rounds.

Mosey down to lower field in the back of the park. One round of Coupon Jack Webbs to 10. Each partner did 1/2 of his arm raises under weight.

Elevens running between the end zones, with A-Rods on one side and J Lo’s on the other side, crawling through a sea of muck in the middle of the field to get under a face down kiddie soccer goal.

Mosey to circle near the front of the school. Ciabattas, alternating between coupon snatches and burpees. Flip flop among pairs for standard 8 rounds.

Mosey back to VSF. COT with Attila taking us out.

Welcome Iron Giant. We are glad you were able to post. Welcome back Quest. White Deer was AWOL due to rain. Nightcrawler remains AWOL.

Due to summer vacations, we need Qs for Circus Maximus (kettlebell workout) on June 20 and 27. Please sign up.

Thanks for permitting me to lead. Jville


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