Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bro Code in the Rain


Ten men hit the early morning roads for today’s version of The Breakfast Club. According to the person stealing a bag of organic mulch from ET’s, this is what went down:

Thomson to Cary to Robinson to the VITA Trail to Dogpile.

Return trip was Blanton to Sheppard to Cary to Thomson. Wilson continued his tradition of taking point. Like a true Recon element, Wilson stood post well in advance of the Main Force.

NMS: Good run in the rain on the outbound trip. Nice to catch up with Spit and Handshake.

Hermie continues to post and grind through workouts. Well done today with the double dip. Keep posting, my friend.

Also, the PAX provided Vinny a short homage to Dodgeball today. On a side note, Canada notified INTERPOL today that Vinny is officially Public Enemy #1 in Ontario. Never wanting to miss the change to make something into a contest, YHC congratulates Vinny on being in first place.


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead today, gentlemen. Sorry there were no actual dodgeballs. Future Vinny Q!??