Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

D-Day Respect


Four strong mosey into the well-lit gloom

The Thang

Mosey around the school to the bus parking lot


25x SSH

20x Imperial Walkers

20x Jville Hops (Hillbillies)

10x Helicopters

10x Merkins

20x LBC’s

Very short mosey around the curbing to bus parking spot #1.

Touch a Bus

1 burpee for each corresponding parking spot number, then run to the bus and back to parking spot number 2 for 2 burpees, and so on, and so on through spot #12.

Mosey to the light pole alley


11 of the desired exercise, run to the end for 11 more reps and back to the first light pole passed.  Repeat with the run getting shorter each time.  Exercises were:

monkey humpers


Star Jacks


Imperial Squats


Russian Soldiers

Mosey to the flag



It was great to have Offshore and Scrum post at Timberwolf.   YHC had not planned to Q this morning but being the lone local wanted to give our guest a proper SOJ experience.  YHC was very thankful when McRib came around the corner to even the numbers. 

In respect of the D-Day Anniversary McRib Crushed the 75+ burpees during the Touch a Bus exercise.  Special thanks to Offshore for commenting on what another AO may be doing, so SOJ style we added a couple more burpees to cover us until 2022. 

Speaking of Offshore, he dominated Light Pole Alley.  YHC through a couple of hurdles in to slow him down but to no avail.  Also, Star Jacks appear effortless to this guy!

Big Shout out to Scrum for crossing the creek.  The 38 minute drive at 0450 deserves respect.  Now if YHC how could only understand the M’ville counting cadence. 

Great work men!


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  1. Ryan Williams on

    It was a great workout. I loved the buses. Just wish they were closer to spot #12. I think the
    M’ville counting keeps the Q thinking, what number am I really on? While the pax just counts to 10 and repeat so little to no thought for us.

  2. Way to make the drive Scrum – FYI- just updated your profile, so your name should appear as Scrum-RVA instead of your hospital name.

  3. Sorry I missed it! I meant to come but I set my alarm to wake up and even went to bed early but accidentally overslept.

    Thanks for covering for us LugNut. Sorry to Offshore and Scrum as this was not Timberwolf’s best turnout ever. (I think we had 14 last week for the horseshoe of death).

  4. Great Q Lugnut!

    That touch a bus was a great use of the AO. I can see that being brought out again.

    It was great to be in the gloom with Offshore and Scrum this am also.

    Good times in the muggy gloom of Timberwolf.

    Thanks for leading Lugnut!

    Til next time!


  5. LugNut, thanks for taking charge this morning. You executed like you had been planning that Q for a while. It was great to see McRib for the second day in a row.

    Tclaps to Scrum for the long drive – I won’t be feeling sorry for myself. But it was 38 minutes this morning and now it is 48 minutes?