Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Omaha, Omaha


An impressive 15 strong men, from Hate to Respect, Respect, reported to SOT this morning to enjoy the comfortable temps and find the snake Wedding Singer planted last week.


Mosey for a partial lap around MMS stopping in the front lot for a warmup… DQs x10, Windmills x5, Russian Soldiers x10, and SSHs x10.

Modified Curb Crawls

Mosey along the front of the school picking up Döner Kebab, who made a pitstop on the way to SOT.  Line up on the curb.  Bear Crawl to the opposite curb and perform 20 box jumps on the curb.  Crawl Bear back and perform 10 walkout Merkins.  Repeat 5 times.  Exhausted and hearing mumble groaning, YHC called an audible to finish with 4 rounds.

Triple Check

Mosey to the track and partner up for a Triple Check.  Partner 1 runs, partner 2 performs Merkins, and partner 3 performs Squats.  The run… up and down the grass hill.  A nicely manicured hill used by the cross-country team that YHC can’t believe hasn’t been utilized previously. 

The “audible” here was made prior to the start.  YHC intended to use this hill for Crawl Bears but altered because of the grumbling heard during the Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear mentioned above. 

Triple Nickel

Mosey to the back of the concession stand.  Wall Sit, followed by a backwards run (Marmaduke style) up the paved hill, perform various Merkins at the top.  Repeat 5 times.  On rounds 3, 4, and 5, stop in the middle for a short section of Crawl Bears. 

4 Corners

Mosey to the courts for 4 Corners, ascending.  Merkins x10, Jump Shot Jump Squats x20, SSHs x30, LBCs x40.  Mosey back to the flag.    

Numberama, Namerama


HDHH in the west end on 6/19.

Grateful for the strong showing this morning.  YHC is always a little nervous adding to the Q sheet – fearing no one will show.  YHC is also fearful of snakes, so we stayed away from the west end of the track / woods. 

I’ve never seen a dog run backwards, but Marmaduke was first to the top on all 5 backward runs.  Great job buddy.

I appreciate you guys pushing me harder every day.     


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  1. YEAH SOJ! Way to turnout fellas. Sorry I missed this audible-fest. Looks like a smoker for sure. NOT sad to have missed walkout merkins…a Bullseye Q Staple. Nice job Bullseye.

    Had to serve some Gumbo at W-Dog instead. Props to Oyster and Offshore- the world travelers these days.

    Can’t wait to meet the Elf Dentist Hermie one of these days too.

  2. Awesome showing at SOT this morning! ….Just seeing Bullseye on the Q sheet brought all the boys to the yard.

    Great Q! The modified curb crawl with the walkout merkins is a smoke fest every time and is clearly a Bullseye special. Well done…as always.

  3. It was a smoker – with all the hill climbs and ridiculous number of merkins! Way to bring it Bullseye!

    Props to Tupop for continuing to post!

    I hope we gave a warm welcome to cross-town traveler Offshore – he got his F3RVA passport stamped this morning with a big bullseye stamp at SOT! I always enjoy meeting guys from other parts of town we don’t see as often in SOJ!

  4. Also – does hopping on a curb really count as a “box jump”. Maybe a box jump for ants?

  5. First thing I noticed in the BB…I have to visit MMS to see the size of the curbs!

  6. Way to bring it Bullseye! That was a smoker of a beat down!

    I’m beat.

    Til next time!


  7. Thanks for the hospitality MT and SOJers. I couldn’t find my jorts when I got home- I hope I can still come back. Excellent Q Bullseye. I’m still feeling it.

  8. I may have embellished. But when you’re short, overweight, with bad knees and bad ankles, any jump is a box jump.