Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ROCK that Scoober!


22 game changers showed up for the ULTIMATE in fun workouts! 11 per team, with each team broken up mainly in those that listened to directions and brought a white and black shirt, and those that just showed up with standard issue dark shirts. So I dont sound like a complete racist going forward, teams will be called Noon for the white shirts and Midnight for the dark shirts (I was called out a couple times this morning).

Midnight quickly jumped out to an early lead, and it was 4-1 before most of the Noon players realized that maybe the guy named “Scoober” might know what’s up with this game. Dr. Tryhard with the neon cletes showed off some speed, and there was some good defense out of EF Hutton, taking one in the gut. Play to your strength, Hutton.

Noon made a comeback, however, led mostly by the disc handling of Viral and the genetic gift of speed that Phonics….passed on to his 2.0, Evil Twin. ET found the back of the endzone several times. Gumbo and Loose Goose showed some gamesmanship, and Lab Rat was there to complain about rules violations and in general just make enough noise to cause a disruption. Suck it, Flipper!

“Last point wins” was convieniently called by the Q with Noon knocking on the doorstep after a botched play by Midnight, which they completely screwed up. Midnight drove down the field a bit, then turned it back over….and Noon gave it right back. Final play was a huge Scoober thrown by….er….Scoober to the back of the end zone to a wide open EF Hutton(?) for a well deserved victory.

Well played game all around, and no major injuries were had. Suffice to say, we will NOT be putting together a competitive team any time soon out of all the dropped passes and bad plays. But hey, we had a blast, right?!?

Apology of the week goes out to Midnight for calling you “a bunch of bitches”. I was caught up in the moment.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Always a good time when we play ultimate! Thank you LR for putting it together, way to lead! Have a great day boys!

  2. That was fun. Glad I drank the Lab Rat Kool-Aid and gave it a go. That disc caught me in the throat, but all is well, I can still speak….once in a while. 2 TDs? for an ex offensive lineman/ linebacker ain’t half bad. Should have gave that last one the old Gronk spike.

  3. Man that was fun! Bummed I’m going to miss the next one in early July. My apologies to Lab Rat for calling out “whoever moved the cones!”

    It was also fantastic to see all of the visitors to Heartbreak Ridge. We West Enders need to step up our game as Handshake and I were the only native hosts.

    Would love to do this again at HBR before the summer is out if the traveling ultimate crowds would join us a second time. I’ll wait until the bulk of summer tour participants have met their full Tuesday quotas though…

  4. You Q the next one, lest anybody think the Ole LR is a 1-trick pony. I’ll be there, though.

  5. Always great fun, thanks LR. I’ll miss the NoToll edition but I might grab a field-friendly AO Q and call another game of Swirly Ball sometime soon if numbers are good.

    Aisle 5 was all over the place this morning — and much better traction than last time out at NoToll. Well done, sir!

  6. Evidently when you get sand in your Vagina it makes you speak in a high bitchy tones and complain about rules… Suck it!!! Lab Rat love you bro

  7. Lab Rat – you can add me to the list for off the books Ultimate.

    Good game fellas! See you at No Toll for more on July 2!

  8. It was a bit of an SOJ takeover, wasn’t it? I guess it doesn’t count as a takeover during summer tour though, right?