Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Square Peg


Eleven, including a handful of tourists, jumped into the week with vigor and came forth to the latest rendition of Hoedown. Temps were sunny (almost) and 70 (almost).

COP: Mosey around the horseshoe (2 laps) to start the legs moving, then circle up in the teacher’s parking lot for:

Arm circles (10 little, 10 big, then reverso, but only for 10 big…YHC doesn’t believe in small, reverse arm circles).

Mosey around the horseshoe two-ish more times…

…onto the parking lot for…

12’s, like Elevens, but one louder. Run across parking lot, Bernie Sanders up the asphalt hill, then clockwork merkins. Run across the parking lot, and complement the merkins with 1-11 WWIIs (no complement to 12 merkins…YHC is kind). ABCs for the six, then hold six inches once done with ABCs.

Mosey to the blacktop for the Dart Board.

Two circles, similar to a poor man’s dart board, were drawn on the ground. One had a series of exercises; the other a series of numbers (5-40, in increments of 5). One man selected to roll. The first die was targeted for an exercise. The other die was targeted for a number. Based on where the dice land, the PAX does the number of reps for the chosen exercise. Unless, there is a miss, in which case the PAX does 5 burpees for the first miss and 10 burpees for the second miss. Don’t miss three times. PAX rotate rolling…for those who didn’t have a chance to go, next time.

PAX did lots of burpees, some flutter kicks, HRMs, and merkins.

In between rounds of exercises, run to the first basketball hoop and back, EXCEPT on the last round…stay at the far end of the blacktop for…

…Gaga. YHC has wanted to play for some time, and to a hyper-competitive 46-year old, YHC is tired of losing to his kids. Today was YHC’s chance to lose to his friends. 2 brackets…5 PAX in Bracket 1, 6 PAX in Bracket 2. Winner of B1 (Hot Yoga) played Winner of B2 (MARV) for the title. Hot Yoga was crowned the winner, though it’s possible YHC did not enforce the rules, which YHC doesn’t actually know. YHC apologizes to MARV, who may have won before he did not win. Lab Rat also apologizes, because that’s what he does.

Mosey to the Horseshoe for 4 MoM. WWIIs, flutter kicks, reverse crunches.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


Ultimate Frisbee tomorrow at Heartbreak Ridge. Loose Goose reported that Lab Rat will have “the stuff.” Since the HC Police will certainly be present, the PAX should be cautious when possessing “the stuff.”

Summer tour…Phonics reminds the PAX that 28 have signed up. August 1 is the theoretical last day to start, though YHC notes that a PAX who has not posted anywhere all summer may struggle to post 27 of the following 33 days. Take up the challenge.


Today won the title of Best Weather of June, and likely July, and likely August. 58 and limited humidity.

Splinter is a good man. So good, that he has been renamed “Pied Piper” for leading minors astray.


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead, fellas. Great work by the PAX. Good to see the travelers. And, YHC apologies…super congratulations to Wojo, who completed “The Process” and is now engaged.

  2. Nice Q Upchuck. Way to incorporate schoolyard activities in the beatdown.
    Wonder if Wojo wishes he majored in some of the sham Majors that the Tar Heel athletic Dept sponsors while he was at UNC like Gaga ball, Dice throwing, and Hopscotch. Would have helped him this morning…

  3. Great job Upchuck. I left exhausted which meant you did your job.

    You forgot to mention the independent jump squats that Honeydo and I completed before mary. They were the best part of the workout.

  4. Dice Throwing was definitely offered for 6 credits of my Economics major.

    And many thanks to the kind words on my next chapter…. “The Process” is far from complete.

  5. Well played Upchuck. That was a tough one. It’s always best when the Pax’s dice rolling failures rather than the Q lead to more Burpees….