Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tired of being labeled, and yes he said 6!!


Thirty -two warriors graced the grounds of DogPile to get their June started with some fellowship and sweat. With YHC being told by many PAX that they were ready for the ground and pound they believed was coming, YHC could only smile on what was to come.

COP – IN Amphitheater –

Helicopters x 10

DQs x 10

Stretch – Right leg over left, Left over Right

SSHs x 15

Imperial Walkers x 10

Incline Merkins x 10

LBCs x 20

Copper Head Squats x 10

Mosey to Furthers Crop Circle

Crop Circle 11s –

1 WWII Sit up – Run to other Crop Circle 10 Box Cutters – Repeat until exercise has flipped in number.

Swirly Planks

Mosey to LOVE HILL


Round 1 – Runner to top of hill and back – Cadence for second partner, Bear Crawl, Broad jump Burpee, Lunge – Complete all the way to the top.

Round 2 – A little Further down the hill, Cadence, Lunge, Broad jump Burpee, Bear Crawl

Round 3 – Cadence, Backward Lunge, Crab Walk, Forward Lunge.

*** IN Between each round, Hardywood lead the PAX in a variation of merkins and planks

Mosey Back down the hill.

Partner Up – Catch me if you can.

First Partner Runs backwards up the hill, Other Partner does 3 burpees then runs forward to catch partner, switch and continue up the hill to the top.

Mosey Back to Second Crop Circle

Partner Up – Doras

First Partner runs to other crop circle and Back while Partner does exercises.

Exercise 1 – 100 Squats

Exercise 2 – 200 Monkey Humpers

Exercise 3 – 300 LBCS

Audible halfway through, wait for PAX, then 100 LBCs OYO then back to the flag.

Numberama, Namerama, Moment of Silence for Va Beach. YHC took us out.

Shout out to Puppy Pile!

Ultimate Frisbee with Labrat Tuesday at Heartbreak


Mumble Chatter was high this morning as the cooler air gave a little more pep in the step to the PAX. YHC hearing that most of the group knew a ground and pound was coming, added a little more incentive to make sure we covered some ground this morning. But YHC understands, runner he is not, but the Q-dreneline is real! Welcome to FNG Brady Bunch!! For those that were not with us this morning, Brady Brunch and his wife are proud parents of the first ever sextuplets born in VA, thats right 6 kids born all 2 or 3 minutes apart from each other, that my friend is awesome!! Welcome to the PAX! Shout out to Swirly and Hardywood for helping with planks and in between exercise, much appreciated. Rosie mentioned that we need to bring Catch Me if you Can to Dogpile, which is normally done on the track, apologies for some confusion but Rosie an YHC have already found a solution and it will return to Dogpile again! Lastly, not sure who mentioned they should be called Crop Circles, or if its been mentioned in the past, but thats what they will be called from now on in YHC’s head!

Gentlemen, its an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an amazing group! The influence you all have on not just YHC, but everyone of us who do this together is unbelievable. Go out today, love each other and be a positive beacon of light for our families, friends, and our great community!



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  1. Great Q Mamaduke! Definitely surprised us with getting in some miles this morning. The breakfast club tonight it was going to be a ground and pound.

    Enjoyed teaming up with Rosie and Emoji this morning.

    Prayers for the victims’ families and friends in VA Beach. Mamaduke is right fellas, let’s be that light the world needs!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Crop Circles was from Lab Rat. It’s good to get the back handed mention in the bb!

    Great Q. Way to keep the pax guessing!

  3. Definitely a surprise today: Least Merkins and most Miles issued by a “ground and pound King”

    I’m due a Vinny sized afternoon nap!

    Great job men!

  4. I definitely ate some crow today. I suggested to the PAX on the run over from ETs that we should wager on this being a ground and pound. No one wanted to be on anything else. BOOM! Then, this happened. Great Q. Loved the Love Hill trifecta. Not easy…