Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Last Saturday in May: June 1st


Eight early risers (including one double dipper) and their dads rolled into Puppy Pile with visions of post workout bacon. But first they had to earn it.

Shark Bait Q: Mosey to the amphitheater stage for COP: With only ten days of school left for RCPS students, all exercises were done at 10. Helicopters / DQs / LBCs / Flutter Kicks / SSHs.

Triple Check: 2.0 does donkey kicks on stage while dads run to the top of the stairs and back. 2.0s run up the number of steps that correspond with their age while dads do donkey kicks.

Husky Q: Mosey to Carillon Field. Wheelbarrows with 2.0s on the ground. Stop and do 10 Boo Ya Merkins. Repeat to the middle of the field. Switch to partner carry halfway.

Tunnel of Love. Dads hold elbow plank while kids craw through. Dads hold regular plank while dads crawl through.

Tidwell Q: Touch-A-Tree Shuttle Run. Dad’s perform flutter kicks while 2.0s run to three different trees. Run back to dad after each tree. Reverse and repeat.

Mosey to the end of the field. Kids run. Dad’s do 10 Merkins then run backwards in a catch me if you can experiment gone awry. Audible half way through. Dad’s turned and ran to catch their kids. 10 squats when caught, then repeat to the end of the field.

Po Q: Mosey to Penny’s Stage. Touch-A-Tree. 5 trees x 3 sets. Exercises were LBCs and/or Merkins. Dealer’s choice.

Willie Q: Mosey to the Rusty Cage. Partner one does Australian Pull-ups while partner 2 runs to the fire hydrant and does 10 Monkey Squats. Triple Check.

Back to amphitheater. Kids box jump up each step while dad offers back-up.

Karaoke from gravel road in between amphitheater and shovel flag to dog park. Say hi to the puppy who had escaped, then run back to the flag.

Vinny took us out.

Announcements: Shakedown is shaving his head for a good reason, not just some weird Shakedown thing. Summer Tour is on. Sign up if that’s your thing. Get a patch for your jean jacket, if that’s your thing.

NMS: Marv announced Friday morning that he had a baseball game this morning at 8:30, so YHC agreed to lead a hot potato. These workouts never disappoint. The level of fun is just different. It’s so great to see the 2.0s being active and having a great time. And the workouts are no joke. T-Claps to Willie and Flatty for double dipping today. Solid!

This week senseless acts of violence against struck in our background and in our home state. Being out with our 2.0s carried special meaning today. A reminder that every minute counts. I for one am glad I got to spend this morning with Shark Bait, and each of you.

Welcome Bacon, Merlin and Pong.

Have a great weekend folks.


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  1. Such a blast this morning. The rain was a perfect touch as well. Thank you all for coming out. Shark Bait looks forward to Puppy Piles all summer long, and so do I.

  2. What a great time… 2.0’s and Dads.. Bear Crawling, Wheel Barrows , Great Q’s and Pong felt the support from all the Pax…