Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Catching some Zs


10 came west out to Gridiron to avoid the looming rain clouds hovering over downtown. The rain held off but we managed to get wet by:

COP: Chase the geese on our field, SSH, Don Qs, Merkins, LBCs, Russian Soldier. Down to field with best drainage: Wheelbarrow length of field, then crab walk back. Head over to main football field to benches: Lindsays of : Box Jumps and Dips. Then on to field for Zs:

Run diagonal on field, 5 Burpees, Bear Crawl width of field, 10 HRMs, Run other diagonal, 15 WWIIs, Bear crawl width, 20 Jump Squats. Repeato until time called, 15 minutes this time which turned out to be roughly 3 full laps.

Partner up for 3 sets of PLTs. Head off to Jerkin station: 4 sets of 8 Jerkins. Mosey over to benches: 3 sets of 40 Benchkicks & 20 Derkins. Then close out with 2 sets of 30 Boxing Cockroaches. Back to flag. YHC took us out.

NMS: We had a mini-puppy pile with 2 2.0s but these are high schoolers so no taking it easy on them. White Deer was actually nice to them. There was a lot of other cars and activity around the AO. We surely received some strange looks when we ran through the flock of geese on the way to the COP.

YHC has been wanting to break out the Zs for a while and the Gridiron field was a good place to test it out. 15 minutes seemed like enough time, maybe work up to 20 at another AO soon. On the Zs we learned that Tater can flat out fly on the bear crawls. Like he is actually made to walk on all fours fast. Maybe that is why he is a soccer fan, as he may be missing opposeable thumbs.

The PLTs hurt the 2.0s as they don’t have to work on their Abs being so young. They made up for it by humbling the PAX on the box jumps.

Announcements: Several of the Gridiron regulars are out of town mid to late June so Qs are needed. Great change to work on your Extra credit Qs for Summer Tour participants.


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  1. Great to get out and lead this one today. Wha Wha and Tswifty said on ride home that wasn’t too hard so I need to up the pain next time.

  2. They appeared to get faster as the beatdown wore on. Or maybe I was getting slower. The Z ia not something to sleep on!

  3. Great Q today Honeydo. The Z’s killed it and 15 minutes was plenty of time. Coffee and Einstein’s all great. See ya next time.

  4. Scott Beaudin on

    I enjoyed the beatdown Honeydo! I was good to meet some of the participating in the summer tour.