Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yowza…it’s Muggy


10 All-stars showed up at Twin Team for a 10-20-20-20 themed work out. The conditions were hot and muggy, but the PAK had their game faces on. The call went out and we mozey’d over to the parking lot for the warmup.

Before the official warm up could begin, the Pak held Al Gore as we waited for Gumbo who made an emergency drop the kids off at the pool stop. Al Gore complete / Gumbo back with the Pak – the warm up began with a mix of Lunge in Place, Side Straddle Hops, Don Quixote’s, Helicopters, LBC’s and Merkin’s. No one noticed, but the Q nailed the cadence this morning. Nailed it! Some may recall the horror that was his cadence on the VQ. It was probably the threat of a Nancy Lopez cadence that put the pieces in place. After the warm up, we mozey’d to the field.

The workout 10 – 20 – 20 – 20. 1 Repetition is a 10 second sprint, 20 second recover back to base, then 20 Merkins and 20 LBC’s on your own. Repeat 5 times. The Q calls out recover at the end of the sprint.

After the first set of 5, the PAK took a mozey around the track before the 2nd set. 2nd set – 10 second sprint, 20 second recover, 20 Absolutions. Repeat 5 times.

About 5 reps into the first set of Absolutions, the Q and PAK realized that those really suck and the Q called an audible to 10. All will agree that this was a wise move.

After the second set of 5, a 1/2 lap mozey to the other end of the field for bearpees (bear crawl 4 paces, finish with a burpee). We did this from 18 yard line to 18 yard line. This concluded our time on the field.

The Pak then mozey’d back to the flag for a quick ring of fire with your favorite 20 count ab exercise, switching to 10 count 1/2 through because we ran out of time. During the ring-o-fire, the Q unintentionally insulted himself by making a joke about his little Amazon package. Dang it! That was a good laugh to end a tough workout.


  • Memorial Day Convergence – Monday 700am – meet at Tredegar parking lot
  • Puppy Pile 0700 (right after Dogpile) on 6/1
  • Summer tour starts up this weekend.

Great workout men. Thank you for joining me. Have a great weekend!

Orange Crush


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  1. Something about the EC run down to the River and back causes a reaction with the Gumbo…thank goodness for my favorite small building at BWES. Thanks for waiting for me.

    Great workout this morning OC. Loved the timed sprints and those Absolutions were no joke. We would have had a sweat rolling even if it was 30 degrees. Add the humidity and it was a freaking SWAMPY morning.

    Great to have the Institute Alum Shawshank back in the PAX. Thanks for getting up early and coming out. Make it a regular thing now!

    Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Great Q OC. I think Absolution was named wrong. I googled the definition: “formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment.” And I think it was more of a punishment than release from punishment.

    And bearpees were no joke either.

    Way to bring it and challenge us to get better!

    BTW, I believe the lexicon states that the men assembled for the workout are called the “PAX” not the “PAK”. And that the recommended third-person self-referencing abbreviation for a backblast is YHC (Your Humble Correspondent). But as I’ve never Q’d a workout, I guess I have no grounds for complaint. As you were….

  3. Great Q, OC!!! What a beat down! I couldn’t believe how muggy it was. A sign of summer and more to come. I was glad we did the absolution on grass rather than a harder surface. That was a killer exercise. Great to have the early morning wake up call with such great men! I hope everyone has a great day. Go out and make things happen!

  4. I hate this phone.

    As I was saying I’m not sure we named you right but we did get the Crush part right as evidenced by this mornings beat down. Great Q and keep them coming