Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stick with Me on the Math


Something like 6 showed up, but no more than 3 in any one place at any one time. Routes were run, mostly in ones and twos. YHC did a small, a medium, and a large…something in the 4 range. Others did more or did less. Some rucked.

Each man took himself out in his own personal ball of man (or ball of young man). The young man also had a blue ring pop, which all others coveted. No actual violations of Commandment 10 were contemplated. The ring pop attacked Husky’s face and clearly came out the victor.


So, it’s Wednesday at 5:00. Kubota and Husky posted for a ruck. Temps were sunny and 70 with a slight breeze. Gorgeous day.

YHC showed up at 5:10. Stretched for a bit. TYA drove up and said he would “be right back.” YHC waited. Got bored. Ran down the hill to TYA’s house, where TYA had decided to drive the 200 yards to the AO in order to keep his Gatorade (Grape) with him.

YHC ran loop 1. YHC then met up with TYA. Purchasing a grape Gatorade apparently comes with a pair of grape running shorts. For those keeping track, the legend of TYA’s running attire grew. Then, TYA took his shirt off. For those keeping track, the legend of TYA’s lack of running attire also grew. Jokes were made, fun was had, and friendships built.

YHC thanks LJ for listening to YHC’s venting. Catharsis was achieved.


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