Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bird Strike? No, just a woodpecker!


A Platoon of SOJ Roadrunners, 9 to be exact, posted to BWES to feel the warmth of RVA and get it all out! Route explained: Up Twin Team (but of course) to East Brigstock. 6 milers take E. Brigstock all the way to Winterfield (road does change to Netherfield for last 3/4 of mile) and back. 5 milers, E. Brigstock all the way till road name change, and back. 4 milers to bend in road, approx .5 miles, past Lake Patrick Henry, and back. Route did include traditional run by JRHS but that was not needed this morning. Mileage was spot on and time was short!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Annoucements: Puppy Pile last Saturday in May, 6/1, 0700-see Marv. Orange Crush asking for prayers with college friend who past suddenly, only 43 with a family! Convergence, Memorial Day, at Tredegar, 0700!

YHC took us out!

NMS: Rosie has always has a comment in the Gloom regarding YHC’s plans. Rosie took off up hill but Doozy caught up!! Way to track him down!! Mouse Trap, glad to introduce you to Twin Team this morning. It’s a great way to wake up! Gumbo, always a pleasure to share the road with you!! Lug my friend, RESPECT with your effort over the last 8 months!!!! Bullseye and Orange Crush, glad to see you circle back for the 6! Slumlord, way to work!!

The Pax is again reminded of how precious life is! We are blessed and afforded the luxury to value 0530 and 0600! Each day we need to say thank you for the ability to fill air in our lungs and be a guiding light in the community. Honor ALL that have past with your memories and admiration that these people were part of your life!! Life is short so love it and as Doozy said, “You do you!” Hug your M’s and kids every day!!

Only those who post understand.

Loud and Proud,


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  1. Great runs fellas. Rosie, thanks for launching early for a little warm-up visit down to the river. Despite that and the heavy lather I had going today, I couldn’t see to ever loosen up and get into a rhythm. Nonetheless, it felt great as always to run with you men in the hot gloom and check off an accomplishment before the sun fully rises. Have a great day men…too many reminders these days of how precious each day is. Savor it.

  2. Thanks for leading this morning Flatline.

    I think saying that I tracked down Rosie is a slight embellishment, I somewhat caught up to him during his slower (which is my faster) pace and then he went back to his 6 minute pace and left me behind.

    I also dare not take credit for the wise words of my friend Wilson who said “You do you” I just regurgitated those profound words from the master literarian that is Wilson.

  3. Great to join you guys this morning for River Run and my first run all the way up Twin Team. (My first F3 post was actually to a Twin Team and we used part of the hill for the workout!)

    I have never run that far in my life, but I logged 4.6 miles this morning. Thanks for your inspiration to push myself. While I may never be a runner like Rosie, I enjoyed the challenge and think I might get back out there next week to see if I can get better.

  4. No doubt you can and will get better. Well done – way to push through, Mouse Trap – that hill sucks every time, no matter how many times you do it. Respect!

  5. With very few exceptions, we have all been there. It’ll get a little better in the near term, and it you stick to it, way better in the long run.