Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rock River 7 Miler


Five bandits hopped on the race course sans registration to see what Dominion had in store for the River Rock Half Marathon. All started and finished at Pump House. The routes in between varied, unintentionally.

No one took us out (I wasn’t the Q until just now, so I blame TYA).

NMS: Hot and humid this morning. The 8:00 start for River Rock was way too late. We made it most of the way through the course before we ran into the leaders. Along the way Lab Rat tried to convince a black snake to get off the trail. Ultimately, the convincing worked. That said, never touch the wild life, Lab Rat.

We saw Furley on the course and Saab ran today, but Lab Rat has rules.

The gloom is getting warm.


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  1. Lab Rat has rules, but the Saab abides. He knows he rocks, he doesnt need a data point to support that.

    Great run! The trails are where it’s at!