Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Congrats to the 1-9!


18 men with their college years in the rear view mirror (some farther than others) posted to THE FORGE on this beautiful Thursday morning for a serving of Gumbo. The menu was as follows:

Mosey down the large hill to the cul-de-sac for COP, including some Variety Mosey between various lightpoles (including high knees (I SAID HIGH KNEES OLLIE!), butt-kickers, backwards running and side-shuffles).

COP in the Circle all IC x19 (except 1 brain fart but the PAX got a Burpee to subtract that one — yes, Rosie, that works), including:

  • SSHs
  • DQs (19 slow DQs is a lot)
  • Imperial Walkers
  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Merkins (just a “Down” 1-count)


Love Hill – Mosey back to the bottom of the straight away of the hill for FORGE’s Love Hill. Partner up and make our way back up to the Flag. Partner 1 runs up and back while Partner 2 starts climbing by exercise. Flapjack and repeat until reaching the Flag. Exercises were Lunges, then polar bears, then broad-jump burpees…repeat and recycle until getting to the top.

Mosey around the front of the school over to the courtyard and steps. Plank-o-rama for the Six.

Triple Check on the Steps – Groups of 3. 1 man does merkins, 1 man does flutter kicks, 3rd man box-jumps up the steps and does 2 burpees at the top. Repeato x 3.

Wall Work – Line up on the large retaining wall, perform 20 Donkey Kicks. Run across courtyard to brick wall for 10 Chicken Peckers. Repeato x2. Plank in the middle for the Six.

Mosey back around front of the school and circle up in the bus loop for Mary, including:

  • hold six inches
  • Hello Dollies x19
  • Rosalitas x19
  • Freddie Mercuries x19 (variety cadence – SLOOOW to FAST)
  • American Hammers x19
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps x19

AYG (All You Got) Sprint back to the Flag.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Early Risers this Saturday – launches from Dogpile parking area at 0400 (yep, that’s right) and will hit the trails and link up with Breakfast Club. See Vinny if you’re crazy enough.
  • Summer Tour sign-up sheet is up.
  • Scrum VQ next week at the FORGE
  • Continued prayers for Swirly and his M and family
  • Prayers for the Sexton-Ruis family (old neighbors of Handshake). The Wife/Mother recently lost her battle with brain cancer at the WAY-too-young age of 27. We say it often these days, but each day is precious men!
  • Puppy Pile on 6/1 at 0700


Today was graduation at VMI and YHC’s nephew (F3RVA – Shawshank) graduated. “4 and out the door” baby! Bleeder’s neice (I think?) was also among the graduating cadets. It was great to get back to Mother I and support my sister and my nephew today. In honor of Shawshank and all those in the Class of 2019, our counts today were all 19 (well, except the 1…oops).

WOW, did the memories and feelings come rushing back. There is something special about the Institute (cue TYA comment…). It was a great day!

Thanks to everyone who posted in the Gloom this morning at The Forge. It was great effort and great encouragement. No man was left behind this morning and no man was left where he started. We did some hard work and get a sweat going. Well done men.

A Kotters to McRib. Thanks for posting! Posh – I hope the quad or hammy is ok brother. Don Draper – Way to fly on the AYG sprint – I see you working. Fiona – great to see you back out after your first post on Tuesday — I hope we have hooked you.

Great job everyone!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Great time at The Forge yesterday. A massive asphalt jungle. T-claps to all the ’19 graduates. Early Risers is Honeydo’s propaganda, I’m just a messenger, and willing participant.

  2. Looks like you served up a perfect FORGE beatdown brother – thanks for your leadership and support! Was frustrated to miss it, so please get back on the FORGE Q-sheet soon. SYITG