Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where do we start?


Eight strong mosey into a brisk gloom

The Thang

Mosey around the school to front parking lot


20x SSH

10x Helicopters

10x Cotton Pickers

1 Arm Circle ( for Hardywood)

Escalating Four Corners – Field Trip Style

5 merkins

10 monkey humpers

15 LBC’s

20 copperhead squats

Corner 2 – x2

Corner 3 – x3

Corner 4 – x4

The field trip consisted of a 2.75 mile loop, 1st to the corner circle back for the 6, and relaunch as a PAX after completing exercises at corner.



Knowing the plan to run the streets around the AO YHC was surprised/concerned to see Bullseye had launched early for extra credit.  Being the stud Bullseye is he had no issue adding extra miles to his morning.

Doozy, Tobit & Mouse Trap led the pax between corners.  They were so fast on the downhill portion YHC thought we lost them.  Never fear though, they reappeared from behind at corner 2. 

DK and Bullseye had a nice conversation about the YMCA and cool stuff that’s going on with the kids.  YHC listened, couldn’t breathe, and was very thankful one child just graduated college and 1 is halfway through.  Lookout guys, time flies!

Nancy Lopez & Wilson did not share the same enthusiasm about the run as Tobit & Doozy.  I can certainly appreciate that, but will add Nancy took off from corner 3 like he was shot out of a cannon and led the pax for quite a while and finished strong.  Wilson says he’s not a “runner” but can kick into any gear necessary and closed out the run in super strong fashion.  I think I heard him say “I can’t wait to do the BRR again”?  Maybe not though.

Anyhow, strong closeout speed from Wilson & DK at the end was impressive.

If anyone has a good story on how Tobit became Tobit please let him know.  The more grandiose the story the better!

Great work men!


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  1. Well done fellas. That’s one heck of a four corners. The field trip style sounds fun. And, I’m very sorry I missed Wilson’s closing speed on display. Had to go catch up with old buddy Obama at WDog this morning.

    I think we need Offshore to explain how Tobit became Tobit…

  2. Lug Nut I’m not 100% sure those could be considered corners, I’ll let my math friend Tobit “if that is his true F3 name” answer that question. Either way that was a strong beat down. Tobit and I where interested in how we would get back to the flag on that third leg. We wondered if you where going to lead us on the path behind the school that you and Rosie have made mention of.

  3. Great Q Lug Nut! While I’m not yet “a runner”, I enjoyed pushing myself a bit today. That might be the longest total distance I’ve ever run. (My Apple Watch logged 3.73 miles total)

    I was not quite ready for that much running, and Lug Nut, you may have given me more credit than was due for running at the front with Doozy and Tobit. I only had enough energy to keep up with them for the first 2 legs – the long slow, uphill climb of leg 3 just about did me in.

    Side note: Did anyone actually complete 80 squats at the last corner? I might have skip-counted by 10s.

  4. Glad for the change in scenery Lug. And, the miles are always needed. Have a safe trip up north.

  5. Thanks Lug Nut that did the trick. I also emailed Shakedown to see about getting sticker rather than the patch. I’ll let you know what I find out

  6. Lug Nut – that was by far the largest 4 corners I have ever done and ever want to do – not to mention the lap around the school! Next time I’ll just fade into the Sysco truck and start delivering. Nancy & I were saying how tired we were on the ride in and happily we had a bunch of energy on the car ride home and happy we woke up. I was working on my mental game for most of the run, then you had to bring up BRR and that long downhill leg. Mental game GONE! But enjoyed trying to chat. The New Market chatter this am was strong and we have deemed you a runner.