Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No fields like the fields at No Toll


19 SOJ Champions and 1 FNG surrounded the gloom this morning wanting to continue their quest for excellence and bask in the glory of victory after taking The Ghost Flag back at Field Day. 05:30:01, Wilson asked who had the Q. YHC responded and a snarky comment was made about being late. 5 burpees to start. Wilson commented again, well 5 more burpees. Quiet ensued. Time to Mosey….

COP: x 10- Don Quixote’s, x 10 Russian Soldiers, x 25 SSH, x 15 Copperhead Squats, x 15 Box Cutters, x 20 LBC’s, x 10 Merkins, x 10 Booya Merkins. And done. Mosey over to the soccer fields

Ascending 4 Corners: Corner 1, x 10 Merkins and run to Corner 2 for x 10 Merkins and x 20 LBC’s. Mosey to Corner 3 for x 10 Merkins, x 20 LBC’s, x 30 Squats and on to Corner 4. Corner 4-Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, and x 40 WW II situps. And now, Descending 4 Corners-x 40 WW II situps, x 30 Squats, x 20 LBC’s, x 10 Merkins. Mosey to Corner 3, exercise. Corner 2, exercise, and back to Corner 1 for x 10 Merkins. As the PAX noted, yes 80 WW II situps. Exicon does not mention it that way, but whatever.

Partner Carries-partner up and down the length of the field and back. Lunges for those choosing not to wreck themselves!

Mosey to the playground. In a vain attempt at a triple check-hop around the blacktop, swing jacks, and squats. Defined chaos leaning to total chaos, audible was called about halfway through. Too many PAX members and complete inversion to be being a kid again. To the basketball court.

Modified Dora-cides: Partner up. x 150 LBC’s, x 250 Squats, x 350 SSH. Partner 1 runs suicides and Partner 2 completes exercises til all complete. Nice spirit race at the end between Don Draper and Flange.

Mosey back to the flag. Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Summer Challenge is up: Memorial Day to Labor Day, visit all AO’s in RVA. Rumor has it there may be a patch for all that complete.

Doozy took us out!

Naked Mole Skin: It has been a long time since YHC last post to No Toll and the tank is full after this morning’s workout. Welcome, Fiona. I look forward to seeing if you continue sans gloves! Now, keep posting! There is something to be said for that wet feeling on your back at 0540…..God Loves The Fields at No Toll! Great to meet a few new PAX members this morning and see old friends!! Rosie, no sprints today! Isle 5 great to see you out this morning.

Marmaduke, way to get it all out on Dora-cides! PAX, all finished before 0615 so outstanding job emptying the tank before we closed shop!

Doozy, nice work with taking PAX out!

Only those who post understand!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Nice Q Flatline – thanks for leading us in the gloom this morning! Great group today!

  2. Well done Flatline. Apologies for rolling in a few minutes late – Rosie and I bit off more EC than we could chew in the time allotted…well, correction, more than Gumbo could chew in the time allotted but Rosie stuck with me. Thanks for meeting early Rosie! I’ll be sure to get my penalty burpees in this evening.

    The 4 corners was brutal, but I have to say that the Doracides really put the nail in the coffin for me. I think I would have preferred doing whatever the heck I was doing on that bench swing. Great partnering with Bullseye today – and with Nancy Lopez on the attempted Triple Check.

    Welcome Fiona – glad you are finally out in the PAX. I know you will fit right in and love it. Way to push through today — see you Thursday.

  3. Good stuff Flatline! Not sure swinging is my thing, but I think we need to revisit Wilson’s track.

    And, thanks for the push Gumbo!

  4. Great leadership this morning FL!! Also thank for the push on Doracides, I’m wiped from those! Great to see the PAX today, strong work by all!

  5. Enjoyed it Flatline! We should be spending more time on the playground.

    Welcome Fiona…keep posting!

  6. Nice work this morning Flatline and thanks for allowing me the honor of taking us out, I am always humbled when anyone allows me to talk to God on their behalf let alone the entire PAX.

    I call DIBS on Flange being my partner anytime that partner carries are called.

  7. Good beat down, Flatline! Been nursing a busted up ankle for the last week and first day back since. Wasn’t searching for a friendly competition this morning, but the PAX put the pressure on…thanks gents! Way to push, Draper!

    Doozy, I’ll gladly partner up anytime, carries or not. Tobit, we obviously need to learn to count to 350! Or, maybe it was the 250, or even 150…

    Have a great evening, men!

  8. Nice job Flatline! Now that I know that the track is there…………….. Not sure the second comment came from me, but I’ll take it. Love some burpees at the start! Great to see everyone. See you at SOT!