Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

impending doom


Could be the name of the workout or what is about to happen on Monday.

13 dudes showed up to take on the last Q of YHC’s quadragenarian life.

Parking Lot Tracers

Circle up in the wettish grass

  • arm circles
  • DQ
  • crab cakes
  • plank jack merkins
  • dying cockroach
  • ball dippers
  • diamond merkins
  • bird dogs
  • plank jack merkins

Mosey over to the Wall
5 DKs, bear crawl to sidewalk, jump to basketball courts, run one suicide, jump to sidewalk, bear crawl to wall, 5 DK’s, wait for 6
10 DK’s, crab crawl to sidewalk, lunge to courts, run one suicide, lunge, crab crawl, 10 DK’s
15 DK’s, bear crawl, jump, one suicide, jump, bear crawl, 15 DK’s

10 stump merkins OYO

Mosey to tennis courts for Dora
Run around the court
100 merkins
200 flutterkicks single count
300 SSH

Back to the flag for a few minutes of Mary
tempo merkins, american hammers

Numbers, Names, Announcements

YHC took us out.

NMS — Well, YHC has mixed feelings about the upcoming day of demise. On the one hand, 50 is a largish number. On the other hand, YHC looks at Emoji and is like ” Hey 50 ain’t so bad!” It was a great morning with only a smattering of mumblechatter. Welcome to Corned Beef! Hope to see you again soon in the gloom. Loved the cooler weather this morning and the bright skies. Fun times!

Announcements — Summer Tour is coming up — sign up on the Google Doc– was a lot of tun last year to hit different AO’s in the summer. Looking forward to trying to finish the whole thing this time around.

New AO coming soon to the Daville area — Thursdays at Mechanicsville Elementary. Details to come.


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  1. Great Q Opus! The Donkey Kick combo was nice change of pace.

    Looking forward to your celebration Co-Q next week!

  2. That was a beatdown! Knew we were in for a challenge when you framed the workout as the end of an era. Suicides following frog jumps are brutal!

  3. It was the FROG JUMPS that killed me. Thanks for a fantastic workout and for the kind words. If you rock 49 so well,(you’re half the man you used to be! I mean half the fat), the 50s will be even better for you! Life really begins at 50. Sorry youngsters! Keep it up Opus! Welcome Corned Beef!