Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

…And Then There Were Three…


Three brave souls fought off the fartsack on a quiet Saturday morning.  As expected, the PAX was somewhat limited with 3 noble warriors representing F3 in an ultra marathon, some being out of town and White Deer’s chauffeur participating in the ultramarathon.  


SSH – 20X

Helicopters – 15X

Arm Circles – 10X/5X/10X/5X

Don Quixotes – 15X

The Thang:

The intent of the morning was for an “Adderall-style” workout in which each member would alternate carrying the 20-lb kettlebell for the entire hour.  That was abandoned rather quickly…

We began with a mosey around the perimeter of the AO until we reached the pillars of pain.  Each member lined up aside a pillar and completed 5X LBC’s, 5X WWII Sit-ups and 5X Burps.  Variations of exercises were mixed in and burps were done with each set.  We repeated until 10 sets were complete.

Next stop was the pavilion where we each completed 10 abyss merkins and 10 jump ups.  3 sets were completed.

3 sets of 10 on the jerkin gym were next on the list.  The first set was done as three person team, with two members holding the arms of the third while he completed the set.  The last two sets were completed with the standard equipment.  

Jack Webb in the parking lot was next with primary exercise being the merkin.  A ratio of 1:4 was maintained until we each completed the last set of 10 merkins and 40 arm raises.  

The final exercise of the morning were lunges across the parking lot (3 sets).

A quick namerama and numberama closed out the morning!


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