Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

5 – 10 Fun


The call to friendship and fun went out on Facebook last night and 13 crazy warriors responded by storming the parking lot for a 5-10 party that went something like this…

Mosey around the parking lot and then around the corner of the building to a COP location.

COP All IC – 50 small arm circles, 10 large arm circles, 25 don quixotes, 50 SSHs, 15 hand-release merkins (HRMs), 20 imperial walkers, 10 small arm circles, 5 large arm circles

Mosey to back to the parking lot

5-10 Parking Lot Crawl

Bear crawl across the first half of the parking lot, 5 HRMs, crab walk across the second half of the parking lot, 10 HRMs, turn back, bear craw across the first half of the parking lot, 5 HRMs, crab walk across the second half of the parking lot, 10 HRMs.

Mosey around the parking lot… REPEAT.

Mosey to the pavilion.

5-10-15 Pavilion Punch

Partner up.

First partner runs across the field to the far corner around the light post and back. Second partner does 5 sit-up jumps (WWII sit-up followed by leap to try to touch the cross beam of the pavilion), 10 box jumps, 15 derkins. If the first partner arrived back early, then do SSHs until the second partner finished. If the second partner finished early, then do SSHs until the other arrived.

Repeat until each partner does 5 sets of the 5-10-15 exercises.

Mosey to the flag area.

1 arm circle IC…

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements (Field Day tomorrow), YHC took us out.

YHC has been reflecting on the topic of friendships recently. He reviewed a book from many years ago that included research for how relationship/friendships oftentimes are formed and flourish. The research spoke of 1. Availability 2. Frequency 3. Spontaneity 4. Shared Meals 5. Proximity. I would add 6. Outdoors in light of F3…

We experienced these in F3 and YHC continues to gain an appreciation for what F3 means to him and so many others.

Now onto the fun…

The PAX showed up ready to engage this morning. Spit changed the parking setup a few months ago and we haven’t gone back to the old way. The new setup allows for the parking lot to become a war, I mean exercise zone.

The mosey around the parking lot elicited immediate mumble chatter as YHC took the PAX “the wrong way.” Creatures of habit we are…

YHC brought a different approach to the COP this morning. Extended arm circles and don quixotes left no excuse for anyone to say that we were not allow to stretch out before starting the other exercises. The quick move to SSHs brought all kinds of DaVille antics as the PAX moved all around. Spit started the madness by coming a little too close to Mudface for everyone’s (at least the YHC’s) comfort. Others followed and the SSH insanity continued.

The 5-10 parking lot crawl provided ample opportunities for the PAX to shine. Spit took off like a bear toward a dumpster full of steak and sped his way through the parking lot. Gigawatt, who made a return visit today, stayed near the front of the PAX and showed that he is a force. The HRMs seemed to keep everyone honest. T-claps to the PAX for encouraging the entire group and coming alongside those who were still completing exercises.

The time in the pavilion with the 5-10-15 exercises went according to YHC’s plan. The non-stop movement and variety of exercises kept the PAX in full work mode. Once again, YHC witnessed significant encouragement by the PAX with one another, especially in the running back & forth across the field.

Why 5-10? Today is May 10th (5/10). Some of the exercises used those numbers but not all of them. Nothing more than that… Spit shared that he graduated from college 11 years ago. That led to a countdown of 11 at one point from Bulkhead but otherwise there wasn’t anything super special or significant about the 5-10 number.

The morning was another glorious F3 morning that was full of new memories and challenges. I can’t thank God enough for F3 and all of the PAX who goes to work every morning in the gloom!

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  1. Great Q Carpenter! I went out fast a first with the bear crawling but remember that I need some energy for tomorrow’s field day!

    Don’t forget fellas be there no later than 5:55 tomorrow. Let’s get after it!

  2. Thank you The Carpenter! That was excellent. I think the final kicker was the ONE arm circle at the end. I was fine until that. Good luck tomorrow boys!

  3. Great Job today fellas! I am really enjoying this new venture of fitness. The encouragement and motivation from everyone is awesome! Looking forward to the next session.