Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

In honor of Orange Crush


YHC secured pickup of Don Draper & Orange Crush and delivered them to the Source of Truth, where we picked up some other SOJ stallions to welcome the Sunny & 70 degree May morning. The beatdown went something like this:


Mosey to front of school for COP: SSHs, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Bob & Weaves, Tempo Merkins, LBCs, Capital Letters

Mosey down to field for Beast-a-Thon: Beast until the Q says stop with several varying plank-o-ramas after 2 reps. Exercises included: Copperhead Squats, Merkins, Squat Jumps, Monkey Humpers, 2-count Mtn Climbers, Russian Soldiers (traditional 6 sets), then BURPEES, then Shoulder Taps in plank position

Circle up for some Slow Mary: Freddies, LBCs, Hello Dollies, Flutterkicks

Mosey to the bottom of the hill back up to the VSF for Dealers Choice: 90s bear crawl or forward lunge up the hill

COT – Marmaduke took us out


DKs SOJ Clown Car was alive and well this AM. Bullseye called for a soft pass over the texts last night…then Don Draper and I saw him pull out in front of us on Winterfield.

The Beast was in honor of Orange Crush, since YHC thought he hadn’t ever experienced one. Wilson was quick to point out that he had, hence we didn’t stop BEASTING until YHC said to. There was part of YHC that wanted to just BEAST for 45 min. Maybe next time.

Doozy led most of the reps, but Lug Nut surprised all of us by leading the Monkey Humpers. We see you Lug! What is it about Humpers that spur you along faster?


Field Day Saturday

Convergence Memorial Day


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    Thanks for keeping up with me today, Gents. I enjoyed being back in the saddle and already have some ideas for next time!

  2. Great workout DK! No matter the exercises, the beast is tough. No more honoring OC! lol Have a good day fellas and can’t wait to see the jorts Saturday!

  3. Mouse Trap on

    Great workout DK! Thanks for stepping up! After the DTH smoker at NoToll yesterday, I didn’t think I had much to give today, but you put us to work!

    Although, I do think you should have mixed in a few more pavement Merkins in the COP for Don Draper who forgot his gloves, so he’d learn his lesson.

  4. DK –

    As always, your Q is well done.

    I’ve become so accustomed to Tobit, Rosie or Flange leading the way that I’m caught a little off guard when they are not in the mix.

  5. Looks like a good time DK! Sorry to miss out on a DK Q that honored OC….decided to cross the James this morning for a Bodos VQ.

  6. Orange Crush on

    Solid work DK. I needed a nap at lunch today. Great Q as always. I appreciate the recognition even if Wilson tries to bring us down. No bouncy house for him on Friday.

  7. Speaking of tribute to O.C. and VQ’s, it’s not in the notes but I hear there is going to be a massive beat down on Friday at Twin Team.

  8. Well done DK and all. Sorry I missed. Had to rest up for the three-day palooza of Qing 45MOM tomorrow, the OC VQ Friday (as long as I’m still allowed access to the bouncy house) and, of course, Field Day Saturday.

    Love seeing the New Market crew back out at SOJ — was thinking for a bit there that we might have to move it into Salisbury for the 4-headed Salisbury Monster of Bullseye, DK, Don Draper and OC, that has been rolling strong lately – with clown cars and all.

    Way to school the PAX on the humpers Lug!

    Get your unis ready for Saturday and save some gas in the tank.

  9. Good stuff DK. Respect to Lug Nut for getting some extra before AND after.