Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trying something new


27 redwoods arose for a sunny and 70 beatdown with YHC giving the PAX choices. Choices are not typically what the Q doles out at an F3 beatdown but YHC was feeling generous. After couple days of teasing a split Q no one really believed it was going to happen, especially since Marmaduke was set as the other half. A warmup run over with the animal that we call Upchuck, he successfully pulled of the triple dip capping a week well into the double digits of posts.


Start off with a tribute to UNCC student Riley Howell, a true hero, with 21 burpees OYO for the 21 year old student.

Mosey to the first circle for a little warm up of SSH, DQ, Russian Soldiers and IW. Brief explanation of the choices – High tempo running Q with YHC or ground and pound with Marmaduke. Swirly offered to grade Duke’s Q after the “incident” on Thursday.

Rosie Q – Head down Love Hill to the bridge. Increasing merkins at each lightpole all the way up the hill, 1 up to 14. First finished goes back and finishes with the 6. Decreasing jump squats on the way back. Mosey over to the pipe loop for an individual triple check (quadruplish). At the bottom 20 CDD, 20 Monkey Humpers (hold the monkey if you need to Saab), 20 American Hammers – run the loop, repeato 3x. Head all the way up the trail to the rusty cage. Ladder down 5 pull ups to 1, in between rounds run to the fire hydrant for 10 WWII. Indigenous run through the Arts in the Park tents, around the field and back to the circle. Meet up with the ground and pound crew.

While YHC was leading a group of fools around the grounds, Marmaduke was adminstering his own version of a beatdown that looked a little something like this:

Ground and Pound Amphitheater Style! Ladders!

Start at the bottom. — Choose an exercise and increase on each step by one.  1 rep on first step, 2 on second step, and so on all the way up to 18, and with the ladder you must come down.

Exercises included:

Incline Merkins

Squats – Worked on Form


Single Count Flutter Kicks

Arm Circles – 18 forward, 17 Backward, 16 forward, etc…..

Monkey Humpers

Audible to Finish – 3 WWIIs on each step all the way to the top then mosey to meet other group.

Lots of Plank variations in there as well ( Thanks UpChuck)


Marmaduke: Mumble chatter was great!! Greenbow has some reading to catch up (Ill leave that alone, inquire as you wish or see Upchuck)  Tryhard brought FNG Cooper, now named Opie, who never left our sight, great mix to have a pup running around this morning.  Great to see Bone Thugs continue to push and post, keep it up brotha!!  Appreciate they PAX who put in work on the G&P this morning, hope you got a good one in. Also appreciate you letting me lead today after my debacle on Thursday, as Swirly said, I may never hear the end of that one but that is what this group is all about, and I agree with him whole heartedly!  Make it great one fellas!

Thanks for indulging me this morning fellas. Been thinking about this for a while since we typically have such a large Dogpile crew. 25+ can be hard to handle. Welcome to F3RVA Ice9, great work today, way to push the PAX and the miles, hope you enjoy your stay in Richmond. Phonics was on fire across the bridge, he and Garbage Plate were cruising there and back. Hitchhiker and Shakedown took the hard way and hit the high tempo alternative after the Breakfast Club, the humidity did not do you any favors. Get ready for it boys, summer is on it’s way. Good feedback on the split Q, it may not be a weekly thing but I encourage anyone that is interested to set it up once every month or two, it worked great.

Enjoy the weekend, every moment is precious.


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  1. Awesome stuff Rosie!! Loved the split and the effort was strong all the way around! Solid work fellas!!!

  2. I love the split Q option! Once a month would work, though it’s up to the Q’s. Great ground n pound Marmaduke! You have been redeemed but it hasnt bern forgotten?. Nice job with your half too, Rosie! Looks like almost 4 miles! Way to work to Shakedown and Hitchhiker after running Breakfast Club! SOJ will not win next week! Enjoy your day, fellas!

  3. Split option was great! Missed you guys and looking forward to getting back into the workouts.

  4. I love the split Q idea! I think about it often, but never pull the trigger.

    I disagree with making it a regular thing though, Q’s call always is my vote.

  5. Agree on not being a regular thing, definitely Q’s choice since some of the reason for Qing here is to lead the large group. Hopefully now the door is open for others to mix it in.
    Thanks to Duke for leading the other half. If anyone wants to split the Q I am sure there will be plenty of takers for either half.