Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2+5=7 for 4 at 0500 or 0530


7 circled the wagons for Breakfast Club. Temps were sunny and 70. Route was ET’s down Cary to Robinson, through the park to the Police Memorial, and past the campers into Dogpile.

Reverse route (for YHC and Kubota) was Park through Carytown, then left on Ellwood (Main), and onto ET’s.

2 miles down, 2 miles back.


YHC rose early today in order to start a trifecta of posts. Pulling into Dogpile, a figure arose through The Gloom…”Is that Kubota?” Yep…already running through the park. Kubota, headed to an early workday, was kind enough to wait while YHC parked, stretched, and caught up. Great to have someone to run with, even better to catch up with Kubota. Thank you, my friend. That made the start of a long morning for YHC fly by.

Breakfast Club was post #10 for YHC this week (including Breaking Bread). Counting Dogpile and Gridiron, the total rose to 12 by the end of the morning. The genesis for this personal CSAUP idea came up on Tuesday while YHC was running with EF Hutton. After consulting Hutton’s accounting skills, it was determined that YHC could hit 12 AO’s in a week…hey, it’s as pointless as any other mission. Let’s do this!

YHC tried not to mention it much this week, generally to avoid the possibility of anyone realizing in case YHC didn’t make it. By chance, Handshake mentioned it on Wednesday morning. By today, YHC had it in the bag and couldn’t stop talking about it (anyone surprised that YHC couldn’t stop talking? Don’t answer that…it’s a rhetorical question).

Ironically, a couple of years ago, YHC was with Hutton and the twosome decided on another run to visit every AO by the end of the year. (Memo to self: when in need of a solid CSAUP inspiration, run with Hutton).


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  1. Congrats Upchuck! That is a momentious feat. I’m glad I got to share in the adventure by traveling part of the journey with you.