Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Skool Bullseye


Double digits posted at Twin Team this morning, but the PAX never saw the mountain.  After 2 days of back-to-back Gumbo beatdowns, YHC was too sore and exhausted for a hill workout. 

Some of the Twin Team regulars may remember a strange dude doing his own thing – running the bleachers and playing on the monkey bars – at this AO a few years ago.  Not having a great plan for the morning, YHC reverted to this workout from his pre F3 days.  This is how it went.


Mosey to the Swamp parking lot for some SSHs, Russian Soldiers, DQs, and Helicopters. 

Triple Check on the Bleachers:

Mosey inside the Swamp to the bleachers for a modified triple check. 

  • Round 1, member 1 = runs up the bleachers 3x, member 2 = Dips, member 3 = Merkins. 
  • Round 2, member 1 = hops/jumps up the bleachers 1x, member 2 = LBCs, member 3 = lunge in place.
  • Round 3, member 1 = runs up 3x, member 2 = box jumps, member, 3 = railing crawls (you had to be there).    

Murph (just the location):  

Indian run back to the playground behind BWE.  Partner up for pull ups.  10 reps, 2 sets.  Do as many as you can OYO, then assisted by the partner to 10.  Switch and repeat.  Flange crushed these without help. 

Modified Curb Crawl:

Mosey to the bus loop.  On 1 side, do 10 walk-out Merkins.  Bear Crawl to the other side, stand, and do 20 curb hops.  Crawl Bear back and repeat 3x.  About to puke on round 2, YHC was second-guessing the count.  However, Flange was already on round 3, so it was too late to audible. 

Indian Run:

Indian Run leaving BWE across the street to the top of the hill / cul-de-sac.  At the top, recover and reverse back to the flag (2 at a time).  The last 2 in the line race to the front.  YHC had the pleasure of losing to Doozy, then Rosie, then Tobit.  Nice job fellas.

Ring of Fire 

Hold Plank while each member performs their favorite Merkin x10. Respect to Rosie for doing airborne pushups. 

COT, Numberama, Namerama


  • Field Day, May 11, at Dogpile.  SOJs uniform was discussed.  Reach out to Gumbo if you can make it.  Or just show up.

Everyone was impressed with Whiteboard’s fitness level.  Clearly not a couch potato.  YHC had to beg him to pump the brakes when taking the lead on the Indian Run.  Hope to see you soon, Whiteboard!

Thanks for coming out this morning, fellas.  You guys push me harder every day. 

Neigh, neigh!


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  1. Well done Bullseye, I really liked the Indigenous people run to each new spot, I will adapt that into my next Q.

  2. Mouse Trap on

    Great job Bullseye! I liked the bleacher runs, rail crawls (aka American Ninja Warrior body prop), and Indian runs (with races). The curb crawl was sneakily hard. I might have completed half of it, maybe! I don’t know how Flange did it – he was an animal today!

    Whiteboard (Chance) – you killed it, man! Way to bring it! Glad you could come out and hope you enjoyed the workout! Love to have you join us back at Twin Team, or any other AO in RVA!

    Now, I need to find another FNG (Friendly New Guy) that will actually make me look fit, rather than run past me and beat me at races!

  3. Great Q Bullseye! It was fun to get an inside look at your pre-F3 routine.

    The modified curb crawl was BRUTAL!…those walk out merkins are definitely no joke.

    It’s been another great week for FNGs….welcome Whiteboard…keep posting!

  4. Orange Crush on

    Loved working out with the PAX again today. Thanks for putting together a good one Bullseye. Railing crawl, curb crawl, push ups…my chest is jacked. Have a great weekend men. Welcome Whiteboard – hope to see you again soon.

  5. Great Q, Bullseye! A day rest in between posts and a light 145lbs always helps when Pull Ups and Merkins are mixed in the routine. Great job leading and mixing it up! Welcome to White Board.

    Have a great weekend, Gents!