Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crabs, Gorillas, and Bears


13 came out of the mist for today’s version of The Patriot.  With YHC moseying Down Range to his ancestral homeland of Northern Virginia, The Gloom shined a bit brighter today with temps sunny and 70.

Lucius had the Q and appeared at 5:15 with a mix of traffic cones and a soccer ball – an added motivator.   


SSHs x20 (so far, so familiar)
Little baby arm circles 10 forward…5 bigger…Reverso…5 and 5
Cherry pickers x9
Standing Stair Climbers (just forget YHC mentioned these)

Drop Sprint

Run around track…at two points on the track, last man to the orange cone drops out and does 10 burpees.  Continue until all PAX have dropped.  The PAX really have only two options: win the whole thing, or do 10 burpees.

Crabs, Gorillas, and Bears F3 Soccer

3 teams with 3 goals in a triangle.  Each team tries to score at one goal while defending the other two goals.  Movement only by the assigned method per team.  Each team has one of the three methods at a time.  Swap methods among teams at end of each round.  3 rounds.  Each team tries each method.


Round 1: Carolina dry docks and squats.  Run 50 yards in between end line and midfield.
Round 2: Dips and 4x4s.  Run 50 yards in between sideline and other sideline.


Flutter kicks

Number-a-ma, name-a-ram-a, Lucius took us out.


YHC met a very cool group of guys today. Lucius brought a good mix of pain and fun…YHC notes that Shake Shack burgers for dinner + beat down + locked bathrooms = No joy.

Welcome FNG Wee-aw (think the sound of a firetruck siren) who is a medical transportation something-or-other. For those who track these things, F3 The Capital named him on Day 1.


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  1. Fellas, great experience today. When you travel, try to post…good opportunity to meet some other F3 PAX.