Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Marmaduke Didn’t Come When Called


16, scratch that, 15 junk yard dogs posted at Mary for what was to be a Marmaduke lead kennel run, instead, we broke our leashes and a free for all ensued.

Swirly Dog: SSHs / DQs / Helicopters / Imperial Walkers / Merkins / LBCs

Wedding Singer Dog: Partner up. Split the track in half. Run to your partner for 10 Boo Yah Merkins. Run back from whence you came. Repeat 4 times.

Big Tennessee Dog: Mosey to the tennis courts for some Tennessee Leg Hound. Mark your territory with line tracers out and back. Find a square between service line and net. Tennessee bar crawl – don’t touch the lava – around the lines x 2. Parting gift. BT peed on our carpets. 10 Burpees in cadence.

ABBA Dog: Mosey to the center ring for the international division – Dora style. Treats were pulled. 100 Merkins. 200 LBCs. 300 Squats. Time for the judges to check all the kibbles and bits. Partner wheel barrows to the center of the ring and back x 2. Mosey to the dip pit for more partner fun. 30 dips while your partner holds your feet. Mosey to Sarah’s yard. ABBA peed on our carpets. 10 Burpees OYO.

ABBA tog os ut. Bra sagt.

Announcements: See Marmaduke

Happy birthday Wedding Singer. Final lap of hate.

NMS: Great day for a kennel run. We hope our fellow pooch Marmaduke is ok. You owe us some organic dog treats.


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  1. Well done men. Safe and fun travels to TYA, Circle K and those attacking the AT trail this weekend. Vinny is looking forward to spending time with his sire at the TCC M/G this weekend. Have a great weekend gents.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    TYA, Circle K, Olivander – Go gettem boys – Swirly will be there with you in spirit !
    Duke – Is that a pledge pin – on your uniform – your GD disgrace- now drop and give me 20 🙂
    we missed you dude – glad to know you did post though….
    Great job guys – beautiful morning for a workout !
    Hittem straight Vinny – we will miss ya this weekend.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Big Tennessee on

    Solid BB and wicked fast. Well done, Vin. Says a lot when multiple PAX say out loud that they were looking forward to a Marmaduke Q. That said, it’s way more fun to rib Duke after the fact for missing. Saab, clean your socks. They smell like moldy bread.

  4. Fellas, my brothers, I apologize to the deepest! Strong work and I appreciate you guys picking up my slack. I wish I had a clever excuse for forgetting I had the Q but I don’t! I deserve all the grief coming my way! Have a great day boys, SYITG…if I don’t forget where it is!!

  5. Way to pick up the slack gentlemen. At least Marmaduke posted at Timberwolf today, fartsacking would have been much worse for him.
    Marmaduke will have a chance to make it up Saturday, anyone still wanting that Marmaduke Q can show up at Dogpile. A little something different planned with two workout options available, I’ll be leading the Sugar Rays on a high tempo jaunt, Marmaduke will run a typical Dogpile boot camp.

  6. What can he say, better treats were offered at Timberwolf, including the chance to ride with Nancy Lopez and stick his head out the window to and from the AO.

    Great work on fly gents. Glad none of the dogs took a Fudd on anyone’s carpet!

    Good luck TYA, Circle K and Ollie – kill it boys. Be safe!

  7. Way to step up this morning, Swirly, Singer, BT, and Abba. Hot potato + last minute = Mut Workout.

    Good luck this weekend fellas. Hope the rain holds off.

    Nice BB, Vinny.