Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Floor is Lava


16 pax decided to follow Lab Rat and jump up on the sofa to protect their precious feet from the burning lava below. With no mothers to yell at them to get off the furniture, they proceeded as follows:

  • Warmup COT to keep from pulling anything.
  • Balance lap around the loop staying on the curb. Everything not curb is lava.
  • Run along the curb when available to the rusty cage.
  • Get to Higher Ground:
    • Partner assisted muscle ups X5: Pullup, then keep going until you are above the bar with arms straight.
    • Partner assisted bar swings X2?: Pullup, then swing your feet above the bar so you are inverted. With stomach on the bar, swing up to the top of the bar. This was hard.
    • Over to the parallel bars, hang underneath by hands and feet, traverse the length of the bar. Ground is lava, obviously. X2.
  • Leap of Faith: At amphitheater, starting at the bottom, leap from one level to the next alternating legs. The grass is lava. Go back down bunny hopping. The rocks are lava back down.
  • Human Steeplechase: Run out 10 feet and plank. Next guy runs out and jumps plankers +10 feet then planks. Continue until the end of the lawn. On the way back, crawl underneath plankers.


Credit or blame of this workout goes to Hardywood for lending me the book, “Natural Born Heroes” by Christopher McDougall. It’s a mixed up story about parkour, alternative dieting, Greek mythology and a badass group of Cretan rebels and British archaeologists turned war heroes during World War 2. Hard to get going because he jumps around characters a bit much, but the message is a good one. What are we built to do as humans? Hunt, gather, escape danger, protect the tribe, and share information. This morning was an attempt to share information about escaping danger. What better way to test our capabilities then the game everybody probably played as a kid, “the floor is lava”? I seriously thought it would be an easier workout overall with 0 merkins (not a single merkin) or situps, but by the end, there was lots of red mud and sweat, mixed in with a bit of blood for good measure. IF you DID NOT feel like you got your money’s worth out of the workout this morning, the good news is that you can attend several boot camps tomorrow to get your fill of the usual exercises. I had fun…I especially liked the assisted muscle ups. That might be a personal challenge going forward, to be able to do 1 unassisted. We’ll see.

Apology of the week goes out to Bodos for ripping off his callous (ouch!!!) Let me know if I can buy you a pair of gloves.


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  1. I wanted to mark Sippy Cup as LIFO this morning, but I couldnt do it! Probably the only chance I’ll ever have to do it.

  2. I wasn’t sure after the first few minutes…but, the rusty cage made me a believer…I managed one complete crawl hanging from the low bars. Whew!

    Apologies to Vinny for picking him up from below.

    Nice to partner with Slipping Jimmy. I’ve never been as happy to fail at an exercise as on the flip ups.

  3. Like the new stuff Lab Rat. We played some different games when I was a kid. Plenty of freeze tag, homerun derby, football. Oh and All-Time Silent Game Champion right here. Crazy, right?

  4. Is that running silent game still going on?

    I was always first out. Go figure.

  5. Always good when you get home, take a shower, get out and realize you missed a mud spot and have to jump back in to the shower.

  6. HoneyDo, you get honorable mention “apology of the week”. Sorry it’s not next Wednesday.

  7. to my knowledge, we have never had a quiet game competition between us, Upchuck. Dont give TYA any ideas, either.

  8. So fun and painful. I had more blood and dirt on me than I’ve had in a while.

  9. Yeah buddy! Way to crush it Lab Rat. Natural Born Heroes IS A MUST READ FOR F3 RVA. Lab Rat, please sign your copy and pass it to the next fella with the condition being they have 30 days to read it, sign it and pass it along when they are finished. Make it a great one fellas!

  10. Big Tennessee on

    Love the different cage work. Pretty sure in a major lava event BT gets singed, so hopefully we’ve got plenty of time. Looking forward to the next installment. Will it be hunting, gathering, protecting the tribe?