Tuesday, November 29
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Date your mate month!


Welcome to May!
6 righteous dudes started May off on the right foot.

Over the head carry around the loop into COP

  • arm circles
  • SSH
  • DQ
  • mountain climbers
  • LBC’s
  • shoulder tap merkins
  • KB swings
  • bob and weaves
  • wonderbra
  • kb windmills

Date your mate — Alternating wheelbarrows for half a loop. 25 PLT’s and 25 jumpovers

Finish the second half of loop with lunges, then do 5 renegade rows and pass your bell to your partner, who was planking. Switch back and forth 2x an arm.

100 2ct kb american hammers whilst partner is holding 6 inches
150 overhead presses whilst partner is holding helix squat
200 round the worlds whilst partner is planking

Mary time —
halos, figure 8’s, squat curls, imperial kb walkers, straight arm sits

Numbers, names, Announcements

NMS — I love May! It is National Dental Health Month (so everyone was supposed to be smiling during the workout this morning. That didn’t happen. Emoji would have done it, just saying.) It’s also Correct your Posture Month so what better way to spend it than working on your core! Finally it is Date your Mate month! That is what we focused on this morning. Spending quality time with your mate doing Partner leg tosses and Jump overs and KB handoffs. Try that with your M. She would love that. Peace, Opus!

Announcements — Good luck to Mudface, Chewie and No Idea on their Rugged Maniac this weekend. I think Wheelie is also running this but not with the other three. Good luck to him as well!

Field Day at Dogpile on May 11th — be there or be square — sounds like it should be a blast!

Possible new AO at Mechanicsville Elementary School! Details to come!


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