Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I feel like I worked out with my 2.0

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Wait… I did!

At least 6 stellar dad’s woke their kids up early for the first Puppy Pile of ’19. It went something like this:

Mosey to the far circle for COP. The Q left behind his 2.0 for a while. Survival of the fittest!

COP stuff. Stretching and warming up the muscles and heart

The Thang
Skip-to-my-lou over to the field for multiple iterations of partner carries. Twice the length of the field.

Slow saunter over to the west side of the Carillon for touch a tree. Burpees, Merkins, SSH, LBCs. Many exercises were had. Wait, was it 1 tree, 1 exercise or 2 trees 1 exercise? Q can help explain. There were some monkey squats in there somewhere too.

Long shuffle circumnavigating the Carillon and head over the the amphitheater for partner exercises, dips + running, step-ups + running. Maybe some more stuff? I think we squatted over some more monkeys.

Cartwheel over to the nearest circle for Animal Instincts. Crowd favorites were seals, crabs, worms (audible to elephants). Maybe a few other exercises that the Q can fill in.

Push and shove our way over to the field for some Sharks & Minnows. Why not? Only (2) 2.0s were injured during this less than desirable exercise.

A tired stroll back to the VSF for some more squatting with monkeys.

Did YHC forget anything? Only the Q would know.

24 hours is well past. YHC collected as many thoughts as he recollects and captured them here. Marv has officially lost his authoring privileges on the site.

My favorite quote of the day was when my 2.0 Tidwell (as in Rod Tidwell, call my agent) walked in the door at home and what was the first thing he exclaimed to his family?

“Guys – that was the most fun I have ever had. I had a grown up knock me over in sharks and minnows!”

Sorry Sippy, he threw you under the bus.

Till next time covering for Marv’s backblast…

Big Data is watching.



  1. Do me a favor. Tweet this link and tag Marv with a random comment/compliment on the quality of his backblasts. He’s on twitter, right?


  2. Hey Splinter….since Big Data is watching, looks like me and my 2.0 Pikachu were left off the PAX list….could you add us?

    Thanks for leading Marv…good time!