Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beautiful Morning for a River View and 1:10 ratio…


14 road/bridge warriors (including 5 men worthy of our RESPECT given LugNut’s recent induction) posted to SpiderRun this morning. Some posted early only to find the “facilities” unavailable…cruel! Everyone knows Gumbo loves the bridge so it is out Westhampton Way and UR Drive across the bridge and down Riverside Drive as far as you can in 23 minutes…back in 22. GO!

The PAX set out in a mass and stuck largely together for a while, but Saab moved up to the front as we exited campus and lit a fire under the sandbagging 6-milers.

Swirly was laser focused and setting a blazing pace this morning…taking the focus off of the inner turtle yearning to be released. Will power!

YHC enjoyed the run and chat with Splinter. We haven’t caught up in a while and don’t get many opportunities to run together. Thanks for staying with me and pulling me along. No way I go 5.4 without trying to keep up with you. Now, this is where the 1:10 ratio comes in – I swear it was 1 Splinter stride for 10 Gumbo steps.

Great morning for a run fellas. Thanks for posting.


  • F3RVA Field Day – May 11 – get ready and HC to your Team Leaders – Any SOJers who will be there, drop Gumbo a text or let me know this week at a workout. I have the Q at SOT and Timberwolf so you know where to find me.
  • Prayers for a friend of BT’s whose M recently passed away at the young age of 47. Every day is precious men. Believe it!

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Doesn’t get much better than running along or across the river as the sun is peeking out. Great morning fellas.

  2. Awesome morning for a run. Sunrise over the river? Can’t get any better! Nice work Gumbo!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Absolutely fella’s – a beautiful morning for a run.
    Way to work guys !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. Some dude passed Hutton and me on Spider Drive and then flicked us the bird. Neighborhood is going downhill…first the facilities are closed and now this.