Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Street Racing, Fire Prevention and The Flintstones


Six Park Rangers scouted the grounds at Forest Hill Park this morning, and thank goodness they did. Give a hoot, don’t pollute. Oh, wait…

Bleeder Q: Mosey to meet Sippy Cup in front of the FHP entrance. Circle up. SSHs x 15. Merkins x 10. LBCs x 20. No more grass. Mosey to the FHP 42nd street entrance. Dips x 10 / run to 2nd lamp and back. Dips x 20 / run to 2nd lamp and back x 2. Dips x 30 / run to 2nd lamp and back x 3.

Vinny Q: Mosey down to last chimney grill on the right. Seven grills in total. Werkins x 5 at each grill. Backwards lunges in between. SSHs for the six. AYG down to the head of the FHP trail on the right.

Posh Q:

Mosey down FHP trail to Little Burpee Lake. Merkin at every light pole.

Swirly Q: Climb out of the lion’s pit an up into Rock Arena. Grab a greek shake weight and partner up. Partner 1 runs to unlit lamp while partner 2 does Flintstone curls x 3 rounds. Partner 1 runs backwards to the same lamp while partner 2 does Flintstone presses x 3 rounds. Partner 1 karaokes to the lamp while partner 2 does Flintstone WWIIs x 3 rounds.

Quittin’ Time. Back to the Flag. Bleeder took us out.

Announcements: Field Day is May 11th at Dogpile. See your captains for uniforms and see you clowns there.

NMS: On the way to Batteau, YHC felt the close proximity of an Audi at the back of his 2001 BMW, which could only mean one thing. I was about to get jumped, or Bleeder was feelin’ froggish. Sure enough, when I got to Batteau I was able to confirm my suspicions. Bleeder said it was a clean pass. We’ll need to check the toll booth cams for a ruling.

Fire prevention is real. Today during dips, Swirly and I noticed that one of the grills was still a blaze. Not good. Take care of your parks men.

Solid beatdown today guys, as always.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent way to start the week fella’s !
    See y’all in the gloom..