Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Offshore Takes an Insurance Exam


Four joined at six for 4/29’s version of The Punisher. According to the hombre who parked in the Teacher of the Year space, something like this happened:


IWs x 10
SSHs x 20
IJRs x20
DQs x10
HRMs x10
LBCs x10

Mosey over Here:

Use chalk baseball/kickball diamond for three rounds of:

Bear crawl to first base
5 merkins
Lunge walk to 2nd base
5 LBCs
Polar bear crawl to 3rd base
5 four-count flutter kicks
Run to home
5 Carolina Dry-Docks

Repeato for rounds of 10 and 15

Mosey to the Picnic Benches

Gang of Four Exercises, all times 5
Step ups (each leg)
Repeato for rounds of 10 and 15

Mosey to School Wall
1st man runs to street lamp
2nd man BTTW
3rd man people’s chair
4th man donkey kicks

Offshore Q: To be revealed…hey, it’s Punisher, so if the Q needs to leave, next man up…


Kru does a mean looking set of tumbling exercises

Chum rocked the 50K with Johnsonville and Aderol (who may have done the race, but definitely took pictures)

Night Crawler definitely has the best excuses for not posting.


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