Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pushing through it all


7 men and 1 2.0 showed up for a 70 and Sunny workout. Here’s what happened.

COP SSH, arm circles, merkins, flutter kicks. Mosey to bus loop for The Suck, Mudface style. Line up, one PAX to each parking space, one exercise for that space. The timer for Round 1 was a PAX completing 10 sandbag burpees with Deadweight (do the burpee, throw Deadweight over your head, repeat). Other exercises were: halos, Helix squats, situp press, battle rope (non-KB), jumprope (non-KB), lawnmowers, merkins on the KB. Round 2, no rest, timer does 5 sandbag burpees, PAX repeat other exercises.

Through both rounds, the timer walks to the last parking space doing slingshots, all PAX move up one until everyone has done each exercise. After THE SUCK was done, Mudface tried to teach the PAX a new exercise, with limited success.

Mosey to flag, numberama, namerama, Chewy took us out.


Spit riled up Mudface last night, didn’t show up for MANNdate, and the rest of us paid the price. Fantastic workout, trying to jump rope after sandbag burpees was almost impossible, and the battle rope looks easy until you have to do it for a few minutes nonstop. This workout hit legs, arms, back, abs, shoulders, you name it, it’s sore today. A shout out to Gumbo for inspiring Mudface. The second round had different exercises, but it’s late and YHC can’t remember them. YHC also thinks he’s forgetting someone from this morning, so if that’s true, my deepest apologies to that PAX. Mudface shared something that rang true for all of us–while F3 is you versus you, when a PAX steps up to Q, his pledge is to make each of the PAX a better man, through pain, effort, will and dedication, than you were when you escaped the fartsack this morning. He certainly succeeded today. Well done.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. Terrific Workout Mud Face! Thanks for the journalism and stamina No Idea! Yes, that really hit the body from all sides! Makes a man healthy, wise, and sore! Thank you!

  2. The Carpenter on

    Well done, Mudface! The burpees with the bag toss were exactly what the pain doctor ordered. I loved it!